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Various Artists – NYLON HNW

Artists: Various title: NYLON HNW cat: WARD020 format: cassette / digital keywords: HNW label: Signora Ward Records reviewer: Simon Hit The latest super limited (only 100 copies!) sexy cassette release on the well-known Signora Ward records is one that … Continue reading

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Lyndsie Aguire – Clair Obscur

Artist: Lyndsie Aguire title: Clair Obscur keywords: ambient, electronic, field recordings, melodic, piano label: Time Relesed Sound reviewer: Willem van O. I was thinking of you, dear visitor of YIKIS. I thought about how much you would like to … Continue reading

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Juan The Alchemist – Principles Of Alchemie (SQL013)

Artist: Juan The Alchemist Title: Principles Of Alchemie Label: Sequel Sound Cat#: SQL013 Keywords: Dancefloor, House, Techno Reviewer: Alex Spalding So, reader, if you’re interested… I’ve found something I’ve been looking for, finally, after all this time. This is a … Continue reading

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Period Bomb – Yes ! I’m Bleeding !

Artist: Period Bomb Title: Yes ! I’m Bleeding ! Label: Self-Released Cat#: Unknown Keywords: Art Punk, Rock & Roll, Garage Reviewer: Alex Spalding Yes ! I’m also bleeding right now ! Bleeding some kind of fluid I think could be … Continue reading

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Dona Davos – Say Goodbye to the 90’s

Artist: Dona Davos title: Say Goodbye to the 90’s keywords:  alternative, experimental, home recordings, acoustic, pop, weird, United Kingdom I never heard of Dona Davos before, but when my ears fall accidentally in her release I was luckily surprised and … Continue reading

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Uské Orchestra

artist: Uské Orchestra keywords: experimental, electronica, electroacoustic, folk, Indie From Belgium we have the music delicacy better enjoyable than chocolate; Uské Orchestra. A source for music that is cute, weird and pretty at the same time. It’s a raw bowl … Continue reading

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“My name is not Mark and I wish to be reviewed!”

From: Julian Alnemark “I’m Julian! Got recommended to contact you guys by Tooth_eye when I asked him about people who might be interested in reviewing my next release. My artist name is Marcanta and together with Blaerg, Synthamesk and Daed … Continue reading

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