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Various Artists – NYLON HNW

Artists: Various title: NYLON HNW cat: WARD020 format: cassette / digital keywords: HNW label: Signora Ward Records reviewer: Simon Hit The latest super limited (only 100 copies!) sexy cassette release on the well-known Signora Ward records is one that … Continue reading

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Lyndsie Aguire – Clair Obscur

Artist: Lyndsie Aguire title: Clair Obscur keywords: ambient, electronic, field recordings, melodic, piano label: Time Relesed Sound reviewer: Willem van O. I was thinking of you, dear visitor of YIKIS. I thought about how much you would like to … Continue reading

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Juan The Alchemist – Principles Of Alchemie (SQL013)

Artist: Juan The Alchemist Title: Principles Of Alchemie Label: Sequel Sound Cat#: SQL013 Keywords: Dancefloor, House, Techno Reviewer: Alex Spalding So, reader, if you’re interested… I’ve found something I’ve been looking for, finally, after all this time. This is a … Continue reading

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Period Bomb – Yes ! I’m Bleeding !

Artist: Period Bomb Title: Yes ! I’m Bleeding ! Label: Self-Released Cat#: Unknown Keywords: Art Punk, Rock & Roll, Garage Reviewer: Alex Spalding Yes ! I’m also bleeding right now ! Bleeding some kind of fluid I think could be … Continue reading

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Dona Davos – Say Goodbye to the 90’s

Artist: Dona Davos title: Say Goodbye to the 90’s keywords:  alternative, experimental, home recordings, acoustic, pop, weird, United Kingdom I never heard of Dona Davos before, but when my ears fall accidentally in her release I was luckily surprised and … Continue reading

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Uské Orchestra

artist: Uské Orchestra keywords: experimental, electronica, electroacoustic, folk, Indie From Belgium we have the music delicacy better enjoyable than chocolate; Uské Orchestra. A source for music that is cute, weird and pretty at the same time. It’s a raw bowl … Continue reading

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“My name is not Mark and I wish to be reviewed!”

From: Julian Alnemark “I’m Julian! Got recommended to contact you guys by Tooth_eye when I asked him about people who might be interested in reviewing my next release. My artist name is Marcanta and together with Blaerg, Synthamesk and Daed … Continue reading

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Golden Leap – Preludium Nuit EP

artist: Golden Leap title: Preludium Nuit EP keywords: electronic, beats, dance, electronica, Electronic music really starts to live a life on its own when you have passed a near dead experience. That’s the feeling that I get when hearing the … Continue reading

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JAAJA on gifgrond

From Nagoya, Japan comes JAAJA; a band of must see and most definitely must hear musicians that like old school traveling troubadours spread their mysteriously happy vibes from place to place, city to city, village to village, park to street … Continue reading

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Selfmachine – Breathe to Aspire (video)

Artist: Selfmachine title: Breathe to Aspire keywords: metal, speed dating, video Speed dating isn’t the act of taking some recreational speed and then go out on a date, but it’s this weird conceptual thing in which ‘single’ people meet other … Continue reading

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