SPOIWO – Salute Solitude

artist: SPOIWO
title: Salute Solitude
keywords: alternative, ambient, soundtrack, instrumental, post-rock,

Softly a sound is becoming vast; it grows quicker when it has found the entrance of a possible listening ear: Music erupts. It has a voluptuous movie feeling, making me think I’m a raw sailor sitting on piece of wood in the middle of the ocean thinking about my life and what happened to the boat that the floating wood had come from. It is the melody that feels right with the breaking waves and slightly dark thoughts when thinking of the crew I once knew and now probably all drowned in the cold waters of the sea.

The next chapter starts as if we have stranded on land, perhaps a unknown island with all its possibilities of being dangerous and yet fruitful of discovery. The music that creates this place goes for a full on effect of bombastic drama by bringing the drum crashes, heavy whaling electric guitar and synthesized singing nymphs to create a feeling of being doomed but also excited to engage in an adventure of survival. A light weight piano at the end is like a kiss on the forehead, making me feel as if it’s going to be all okay!

Then there is ‘Yos’ a piece that gives the tropic island of darkness and unknown pretty glow of fantasy; enough to pick yourself up, gather wood, make a campfire, a hut and catch a fish. Perhaps a little tear of sentimentality here and there, but when the music erupts into one uplifting ball of ‘get on with it’ energy; the tear buzzes off and survival mood goes into full action!

The music becomes a bit foggy, as if we again realize that everyone we once knew is now swimming at the bottom of the sea; and that this tropical island that always seems to be covered in darkness is probably deserted.  This is ‘No Kingdom’..

Then it’s time for a little bit of sunshine to break through. It seems to be another day and the music and mood is more of a positive kind. We take it easy, look up and down in the search for an escape plan to go back home wherever that is. We look out for maybe a ship in the horizon, or an airplane? The music speaks for itself and in the fairest corners of our imagination through music indeed a ship can be spotted! Oh good lorry! We might be saved, not all is doom and gloom! It’s time to ‘Call Me Home’!

The escape plan might not work if the ship doesn’t see us here stuck on the beach.. We have to make a flame, shoot a ‘Flare’ or something to get noticed. It is absolutely weird that the dolphins are singing songs above the sea, and a gentle piano spins a positive spin to the story. There might be a flame burning within our listeners’ soul and when the music opens up we can fly! We suddenly don’t need a boat; we can lift up and touch the sky! The music becomes epic, grotesque and basically conquering all the earthly boundaries; just listen to this stuff and flap your arms and fly along!

The last chapter feels as if time is flipping back, all the oddness of our time being stranded on the doomed island, our flying episode, the ship sinking and the crew dying; it all goes reverse like a movie you are promised to see when you are about to exhale your last breath. Was this just a dream, or a rather weird psychosis? It was a good adventure that’s for sure!

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  1. Candle says:

    Reblogged this on and commented:
    A wonderful review of Polish band SPOIWO’s 2015 album Salut Solitude. The album is available as a digital download or in Digipack CD from their Bandcamp Site.

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