Yôko Higashi – Dzera

Artist: Yôko Higashi
title: Dzera
keywords: electronic, electroacoustic, experimental, electronic, experimental, pop, France
reviewer: Willem van O.

Copy and pasted from the artist bandcamp page for informational exchange:
Yôko Higashi – hamaYoko (born in Japan) is a performer,
vocalist, butoh dancer based in Lyon, France.

Dzera is a track of around 8 minutes, if Google translate can be trusted it was made out of improvisations, in the image of Dzerassae , a legendary fallen goddess named Nartes… Yes, I know.. I have no idea what it means too; but you know the French language sometimes can be L’horrible for non-French speaking and reading people / or lacking google translators. So let’s listen to a language everyone in the world could understand; music… Or maybe even better: Sound.

Yôko Higashi’s Dzera comes to me across as an unreal world,
a soundscape in which the air to inhale has made way for a slight inedible toxic fume. A room or perhaps a spacious Victorian house is sketched out of sound,
and within this space an old clock hits an occasional hour of doom,
soft ambiances slips like a ghost over the abandoned walls,
and sometimes small hints of instruments (like a guitar string or a piano plonk) are making themselves known.

But it’s mostly Yôko Higashi’s voice making eerie screechy squeaks of wordless sounds that seems to bring this strange scenery of decay, back to life again.
Her voice makes the mysterious work into something that conveys an aura of witch craft,
much more then what you would expect from something you could claim to be avant-garde dada-poetry. To me ‘Dzera’ has the effect of being in a haunted room or small house,in which we aren’t able to really get our lungs to work and be filled up with fresh air, and yet it somehow appeals to the thrill seeking ghost hunter that we all have roaming inside of us..

Who you are going to call? Ghostbusters?
nah, not really.. In fact this haunted sounding audio work is way too pleasant and visual to be sucked up by a bunch of actors and a flying slimy green blob. But if you really have to suck it up, it’s here over at the following link:

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