Instagon – live at outsound summit

Artist: Instagon
title: live at outsound summit
keywords: experimental, analog, collaborative, garage jazz, improvisation, noise-art, jam band, noise, outsider, outsound, Sacramento, mixer-set

‘live at outsound summits’ is a recording of a live session that gives a listener at home the chance to be at, or re-live the concert of the decade. After an introduction of all the Instagon participants (o.a. big names like Lob, Tim White, Jack Hertz, Andrew Wayne, Marc Schneider, Thomas Dimuzio & Mark Pino) who are responsible for the sound show that follows, the group of interesting individuals really goes for it by giving an intriguing set of sound and expressions. It’s difficult to pinpoint a story line as to me Instagon’s performance over here basically manages to turn into all kinds of directions discovering unexpected corners of sound that are obviously ones never heard or been dipped within ear range before.

The group can go from excessive ritualistic overwhelming soundscapes, into excessive laser use with rhythmic elements. Some times it’s like listening to a dialogue between dentist drill tools and a singing patient whose teeth are being filled, and other times it’s like an avalanche of raw friendly noise that comes out like an industrial revolution, something in which machines have taken over the world as they show their powerful forces by shooting happily smooth laser lights into the air. Sometimes it’s like listening to dripping sewer systems going all melodically like a classic work done by Moondog but then with an overflow of imagination and sound expression that goes beyond the concept of math music. There are hints of melodic elements, either in tones or in real; but it’s the expressionist flow of not-knowing-how-and-where-to the music evolves is a big thrill to this listening experience.

However wild the music sometimes goes, they never turn into unfriendliness; always performing in a listenable way that feels like it’s a pleasant and intelligent sound trip for the ears as well as the listener’s mind. Young puppy dogs barking, builders and their machines, talking sounds; it’s really an intensive journey and hearing this release covering the live performance with a microphone in the back actually makes me feel sad not to have been there at the concert in real life, although I shouldn’t complain as this recording covers the happening as good as it can get and I’m not disappointed at all! Hear the concert of the decade over here:

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