Trancers – Blink Out (Single)

Artist: Trancers
Title: Blink Out (Single)
keywords: experimental, post-punk, revival, alternative, rock, ambient, surf, lo-fi, soundscapes, space rock, punk, tape collage, Michigan
Reviewer: Willem van O.

I was in search for ambient music but instead of chill pill music to eat my noodle soup with; I got to hear the single done by Trancers. There went the noodle soup all through the air; soup on the floor and noodles dangling from the ceiling. Trancers ‘blink out’ single just brought enough energy to give up the search for ambient and even give the whole genre a middle finger and instead doing finger flicks and back flips while the Trancers hit single made itself known.

Trancers made me tap my toes and launch soup bowls, and indeed after a nice unexpected surf-rock-punk-something that turned my eating time in one mess to cleanup later; the Trancers did indeed gave something resembling something I had been searching for in the first place: An alternative form of ambient that resembles for a bit the experience of having a melting floor…

The last surprise by Trancers went even a nice step further by opening up a musical portal of psychedelic proportions performed with a brew of guitar choirs that simply made walls disappear, and the concept of punk rock into something from a far distance. This single with added tracks by Trancers first gives an unexpected want-to-hear-more rush and then turns 180 degrees for a spacious world, a zone in which relaxation makes room for authentic hallucinations. Forget about eating noodle soup; Trancers is the way to go forward and then beyond that.

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