Creation Through Destruction \ The Haters – Split (7” Vinyl)

Artists: Creation Through Destruction \ The Haters
title: Split (7” Vinyl)
keywords: experimental,Serbia, harsh noise, noise, Beograd
reviewer: Willem van O.

So excited! I just can’t hide it!
I know, I know…
I want you.
I want you.

This is the song that instantly plays in my head when I heard the news of this 7″ splatter vinyl split between Creation Through Destruction & The Haters on Little Mafia Records.

There are 300 copies, so if you too are feeling ‘so exited’ about this news, you better be quick and find a way how to obtain one. I can only dream how they sound like, but there is in fact a one minute snippet of each track to give anyone the sneak preview ‘experience’ so to get that extra spoon of excitement while you wait for the arrival of your precious copy.

Oh yeah, in case you did not order yours yet, you can email to if you want a copy. Modern technique makes distribution to record shops redundant, as now the artists cater direct to their fans and audio collectors. That’s just a snippet from the exciting times that we live in…

For what my ears could spoon up from the sneak previews is that indeed this is an exciting piece of vinyl. The stunning exposure of the one minute snippet of the track by Creation Through Destruction is one that rumbles in the stomach; harsh, loud… It makes me sentimental. And the one minute outtake of the track done by the über famous ‘The Haters’ is simply tickling my ears with a more subtle sound exposure; this is going to be good! A split to drool for, a work that makes hands of collectors, sound lovers and the artists following itch when hearing about it all!

I’m so excited!
I just can’t hide it!
I know.. I know..
You want whatever is at the other end of this link:

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