Sara Goodman – Airplanes No Longer Exist

Artist: Sara Goodman
title: Airplanes No Longer Exist
keywords: dub, electronic, experimental, glitch, musique concrete, noise, poetry,
label: Poverty Electronics

Sara Goodman’s ‘airplanes no longer exist’ release on Poverty Electronics is one that is of a kind experimental kind. My ears are drawn in directly by ‘ She Spanks Silver Peacocks’ which sounds to low-bit loving ears like a soft brew of recognizable data loss. The sound is one of a rhythmic, yet muffled kind; as if a microscopic microphone with the ability to record had been placed in a pocket of a coat and the artist added her hand and moving fingers to get this specific sounding audio work to sound like it sounds.

‘The Sideways Market Collapsed ‘skips the low-bit aspect and goes for a soundtrack that has musical aspects, yet it is fully dressed as a experimental of sound in which a listener can apply their own vision too. It made me think of a small robot from an alien planet that broadcasts the sounds of a shimmering city on earth; through billions of light years, to reach our ears and probably also the ones of the aliens who had send it down in the first place. I cannot describe it in another way then the  bizarre one, but those are the benefits of listening to experimental music; it makes you think out of the oval box…

While listening to ‘Autumn in the Most Classical Sense ‘you might feel like you have grasped the concept of an classical autumn all wrong, but maybe not.. It depends of course; it might just be ‘me’ who has to re-adjust the classical sense of autumn to the one that Sara Goodman is bringing here in audio form. It’s like listening to small objects being thrown and falling down, or… Well… I don’t know what it is that I’m hearing, but it does make me curious to how (next to a ‘classical sense’) autumn would sound in a most futuristic sense. Either way, this track definitely is food for more thoughts.

‘Saturn’s Rain’ begins with muffled sounding sounds that are comfortable and warm, yet it also seems to be something that could be described as the ‘silence before the storm’. Softly this storm takes small peeks around the corner until the right time has come to reveal itself. Slowly but surely it starts to open up like a revealing force of nature, making things lift off the ground and slowly rumble the roofs with sounds that might be family of the ones we can hear at a motorcycle contest.  But don’t be alarmed the sounds don’t go full throttle and the music captured here is of a gentle and visual kind. Especially when the track gets a rhythmic spin with a techno-ish groove that sits nicely together with the soft sounding rumble of cozy muffled sounds. The electronic acid fueling rhythm gets a bit louder and shines up front while the previous audio bursts of engines and roof lifting sounds make a final appearance.

Sara Goodman’s last track on this release that definitely puts back the ‘experiment’ in experimental music is ‘Airplanes No Longer Exist’. We can hear a voice, (maybe even the voice of Sara herself) doing a vocal word performance as if she is doing a loud reading from a avant-garde story that follows a similar path as the music had done on this release. Meaning that ‘airplanes no longer exist’ is a challenging work that might be even related to abstract audio art, something that so succeeds in its obscurity that even the concept of a world in which there are no longer airplanes; is a fair and believable one. Sara Goodman brings audio food for thoughts, and you might want to feed this challenge to your hungry brain from the following link:

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    This is getting to be a habit but Yeah I Know it Sucks has done it again with this find. This is the first of my discoveries today and is another example of the huge variety of experimentalism that is out there.

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