Yullippe – Lys

Artist: Yullippe
title: Lys
keywords: electronic, Japan, industrial, new wave, noise, ambient, techno,

Yullippe is born in 1993, Osaka, Japan. And now many years later (what year is it now? 2015?) she released her new album named ‘lys’. It is here that she hits all the self-claimed genre boxes like ‘electronic/industrial/techno/noise/vocal/.. For a big part the tracks seems to cover a sense of darkness, but there are some bright sparkles too. An album with tracks that would do well at a Gothic intended midnight party, as well as something shimmerier; for perhaps a listening session at home.
But there is also ‘Miss You’ which is the surprise on this album.. but let me start with the beginning and walk you through it (in case you want to skip it, you can either click the album cover, or scroll down for a link if interested)

Lys’ gives the right amount of atmospheric sounds before introducing a sleek industrial beat that meets up with a deep groove for night life movements. The rhythms are made for the darker late nights out it seems, and listening to it at two or three o clock in the early morning still provides enough movement to go for a Gothic inspired dance move.

4′ keeps the minimal sounding approach of the industrial sounds of music in order, but does spread it out in a way that builds up in a gradual way. It does so until the shimmering effects become more established in a misty dance track in which an cold wind from an alley seems to be the perfect warm bringing instrument.

Black Moon’ got a nice bass Whoop and fine stableness to it. In all surprising surprises there is also a real melody going on over here. It might be not too loud; soft even, but it’s there… giving a nice break before the focus turns back on the bass synth whooping, which then finally meets up with the melody as something that belongs together.

Then there is ‘Temple’ which first gives a wet and damp audio impression that sets the atmosphere to something that sounds like an evening hanging around in the sewer system, build right under a temple of doom . When the feeling is right the music provides a kicking beat, with a repeated dark sounding slow synthesizer melody that gives the experience something that sounds quite evil. But this evil that shimmers around in this dark and wet environment is our friend, not out to harm us, but just shows the way through the vast underground tunnel system underneath this obvious ‘temple’ of doom.

Then there is ‘Core’ which doesn’t take long to go directly to the point: dark electronic music made for dancing! A beat, a heavy synth, laser like add-ons; it’s the core of what this music is all about… Accept that when you think this is just dance music, the music breaks through boundaries, opening psychedelic portals, shoving a ray of secrets down the ears before quickly closing the gates, and return back into the shape of a dark dance floor cracker… Before once more opening the gates of wisdom and leaving me and other tripped out unexpected listeners, in a state of pleasurable wonder.

Perfect! As this state of mind that had gone through metamorphose through listening to ‘the core’ created the ideal way for a moment of sentiment and music to grow and glow! This is ‘Miss You’, a song that not only breaks away from all the previous heard darker sounding dance music by being focused on melody and Yullippe’s voice singing with a sincere sounding emotion. Where did this came from? It’s impressive and emotional, and certainly proofs that it’s important to listen to a complete album as you never know what kind of unexpected turns and surprises are hidden in it.

After this nice sounding surprise the artist comes with another ear worthy named ‘Final Star’. This work goes for a more atmospheric Gothic scene than the industrial dance floor works that the album brought earlier on. It’s coming across great, as if a chapter had been reached in which both the dark and bright side had met in the middle, in order to give a final highlight for the faithful album listener. This track also features the voice, but if you just wanted to hear the music without it (in order to sing perhaps your own song on top of it) Yullippe also brought the instrumental version along.

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