A super TOXIC fun interview with Mr. Jason EVIL Covelli

You may, or may not know Jason ‘Evil’ Covelli. He is one of the strong characters that move around in the underground with strong words and a ‘tell it like it is’ attitude. He is clear and to the point and yet being a force that you might have heard of, but not enough! If that’s you who heard not enough ‘Jason Evil Covelli’ then you are into a blast today, as out of all people in the entire world we have Jason ‘Evil’ Covelli right here with me sitting in a pile of toxic waste.

Oh yes ladies and gentlemen! KN (on the left) hanging out with  Jason EVIL Covelli (on the right) in toxic waste

Oh yes ladies and gentlemen! KN (on the left) hanging out with Jason EVIL Covelli (on the right) in toxic waste

Oh yes, feel free to roar, feel free to applaud; but when Jason speaks; you better let him do the talking.. He is a professional talker as his legendary spoken word pieces are legendary among legends; they blow minds away with witt and opinions that I believe come from a ‘twisted’ but seriously good and honest place!
Jason? Jason?! We are doing the interview now my friend… Keep your head above the toxic waste so we can begin.. Jason?

I’m sorry ladies and gentle misters at home, it seems that Jason ‘Evil’ Covelli is checking out the bottom of toxic waste.. I guess I’ll just keep on talking until he pops up again..

KN (on the left) talks to you, while Jason EVIL Covelli is checking out the bottom of the barrel of toxic waste

KN (on the left) talks to you, while Jason EVIL Covelli is checking out the bottom of the barrel of toxic waste

Personally I’ve met him through his multiple collaborations & splits with sound (noise is such a harsh word sometimes) artists coming from all kinds of walks of life. He also has an evil fun house for partying, a family, has drawing skills that once you see it, you want to have it tattooed all over your butt cheeks!

Ah! There he is! Covered in toxic waste and looking as if he would glow in the dark quite nicely!

^ here he is: Jason 'EVIL' Covelli!

^ here he is: Jason ‘EVIL’ Covelli!

Hello Jason ‘Evil’ Covelli, welcome aboard the show, the toxic interview!
I hope you don’t mind us doing the interview seated in this toxic waste, I really thought it would be the appropriate scenery for our conversation. But it looks like you are already pretty much enjoying yourself in there, right?

Jason ‘evil’ Covelli:Helll fuckin yea and With one ov the best Damned interveiwers Outside ov 3 mile Island



So first things first, what would you like to drink? Or are you already happy drinking from the vast amount of toxic waste that we are bathing in?

Jason ‘evil’ Covelli: Oh my dear friend i am Just fine until it gets fuckin Neck deeep then we can have Drowning Man’s Whiskey

Here ya go!

Here ya go!

While you were diving in the toxic waste I tried to introduce you a bit, but feel it’s much better for you to introduce yourself. After all you are the man with the words, the flow of a mad weirdo, with the skills of a mousetrap hooking ears up by promising cheese but delivering a out of the blue fatal bang! Without going on a rampage, can you explain for people unaware of Jason ‘Evil’ Covelli’ who you are and what they are dealing with?


Jason EVIL Covelli when he was 6 years old

Jason’Evil’ Covelli: Welll My artistic skils started when i was 6 from my Late aunts and my mother whom i could have started doin what i do without that 1st pen and my father who behind the lines has seen me prosper into what i want to be and my son wants to be…never stoppin since then, the rest ov my psychotic derangements started there after with no remorse…. I tell it like it is,Truth fuckin hurts to most i guess….I am an Artist,Noise Trauma Artist,Spokenword Doomed Truth persayer,Collage Artist,Pen and Ink Artist,lithographer and Real Insane artistic Forseer i pulll it all into what i endever and never look back at the fuckin damage i have done

Man? Are you alright? I just felt that all my toes have shrunk or maybe even just simply disappeared in this toxic mess… Hmm oh well who needs toes anyway, right? Let’s continue the interview…

KN (on the left) wonders if Jason EVIL Covelli (on the right)  is alright

KN (on the left) wonders if Jason EVIL Covelli (on the right) is alright

The cool thing of discovering your force of getting your words out in all kind of ways really inspired me.. When I heard you doing collaborations with artists by telephone… That changed my whole perspective of how the meaning of words could be spread.. I mean in a world where hi-fi snobs are nagging about their Dolby surround sets not being high tech enough; you are there on the phone doing your thing while at the other line there is someone recording it to produce a track or even a entire record from it. How cool is that? Can you tell a bit about these telephone sessions?

Jason ‘Evil’ Covelli:Ohhhhh The Telephone seRies started slowly in 2005 Through a Really Great friend and Brother: Patrick “HARSH” Doyle owner of TRASHFUCK ((Detroit,Mi))records and Great friend and Brother Ben”Kro” ov Kro/House ov Sleep studios ((Albion,Indiana)) from there my works were Allll to this day Unreleased and unrelentin, a few topics hit and strike a nerve then i go with the fuckin flow ov things, reason why i dont write my works down is that big fear ov theives stealin my works so i make it more and more difficult for them to steal…I love the analog feel to the phone sessions its crazy good therepy

^ Telephones are awesome!

^ Telephones are awesome!

If I understood it well you had been going through a hateful time period, but turned out alright with a big heart and a big mouth full of vibes.. Life is crazy shit! Can you explain when life changed and you became an example of a ‘evil’ fighter for good? Or isn’t that the case? If that makes sense.. Haha

Jason ‘Evil’ Covelli:When i Gottten married for the 2nd Time to a wonderful Women: Amy” I am More EVIL then you.”Covelli there she gave me 2 beautiful and artistic children,dont get me wrong i will be fuckin PURE EVIL til i die but My family helps mold the ideas ov my works,I know it sound fuckin funny but its true and i have been with My wife for 10 wonderfully psychotically delicious years….

^ the face of Pure EVIL!

^ the face of Pure EVIL!

Shit! I just lost my fingers! Luckily we are doing this interview vocally, so it won’t be a problem…

Shit! KN lost his fingers

Shit! KN lost his fingers

You’ve been doing your spoken word for a very, very long time. 1994 right? Do you recall how it started? What was your first performance like? You remember what was on your mind and lips so much that you began this journey?

Jason ‘Evil’ Covelli: Now my doomed truth Spokenword started Oddly enough April 1st,1994 at The SLAVE’s Basement a Now gone lil Basement venue in my Old House here in kenosha WisconSIN, It was Odd performin in fornt ov my friends and my 1st wife, we were all drinkin for hells sake and i was hollerin On why Mental Health should be reevealuated and it went on for 2 fuckin Hours and was recorded.It was Drunkin fun to a damagin liver point,Not knowin 21 years Later that the one piece i did would fuckin mushroomcloud to something of greater expectations….Alll my early recordings ov what i did and did LIVE which i rarely set forth since i am a family madman,were lost in a fire 10 years ago, but i am a rebel and willl keep on givin people Thought Provokin works

Ah.. Man I’m sorry I believe the toxic waste just absorbed both my legs and is eating away on my torso. It’s pretty painful but of course well worth it.. Next to bathing in toxic waste, what would be great place you consider love hanging out in?

Jason ‘evil’ Covelli:Hmmmmm thats a tough one, i love hangin out in WEIRD-o cities Like Milwaukee,WisconSIN,Racine WisconSIN and chicago,Illinois with the Wife and kids, findin weird as fuck areas to roam around in

Jason EVIL Covelli loves to hang out in toxic waste and dangerous weird places

Jason EVIL Covelli loves to hang out in toxic waste and dangerous weird places

Maybe a stupid question, but a genuine one: what do you think of poetry? I mean I seriously don’t know anything about ‘spoken word’ but are poetry and spoken word a bit like yin and yang or are they overlapping? Or bad relations?

Jason ‘Evil’ Covelli:Welll some might fuckin think it is, I dont personally, My works Are totally different then some ov the Bloody fuckin rubbish I have been listening to from the so called Poets,which dont mean shit and there works are for fuckin shit,I know I know Most think tthey are poets But in reality they are plageristic fucks that lift stories from others or make shit up just so fuckin beatnics can say:”Cool man, Crazy man.” fuck that shit unless u lived the hardships then u have no reason to fuckin write what u feel as a poet.
You are not just doing spoken word, but doom spoken word, right? Does that mean you express from a harsh point of view of reality? I mean where others add butter and sugar on their bread you skip the butter and sugar and tell them all about the bread?

Jason ‘evil’ Covelli:Yes I explain as thourough as possible the doomed realities,The meat and potatoes as u might say and skip the bread cause some dont want to carbo load

a vision of meat and potatoes

a vision of meat and potatoes

Hmm let me try some spoken doom: I think we are f*cking dying my friend! No joke! I have to yell a screech of pain:


a scream

a scream

Oh.. Man! I’m sorry half my torso has been vaporized and swallowed up by the toxic slime.. I hope you are doing fine over there? You look a bit like a mess yourself, mate.. This stuff is killing us.. But it’s worth it!
Can you tell something about your Satanic Fun House? I have seen it in my dreams like this sweet hell hole where artist go and perform their thing until the police shows up to lock down the party.. What can of parties are happening in the Satanic Fun House and is it true about the cops being the biggest party poopers?

Jason ‘evil’ Covelli:Ohhhh Mr.EVIL’s Satanic Funhouse Shows are well, Insane, Long demonic jams from time to time drinkin and artistic hellish fun, I am Loookin for a New satanic Funhouse cause the Original will be gone in mid August but i am Givin One big motherfuckin send Off for the Satanic Funhouse,I have had the police SHow up and shut me down some wanted to jam out which is even more fuckin weird,But this LAST show for a while due to Family health Issues will be one hell ov a FUCKIN showcase ov the damned

I can hear some times a lot of wild energy or even violence in your voice, is this the safest way of throwing punches and not giving a f*ck, or are you also physically throwing punches?

Jason ‘Evil’ Covelli:Its the safest way ov not killin dumb fuckin Retards and Not giving a Flyin squirrel’s fuck

a toxic flying squirrel flying by

a toxic flying squirrel flying by

I can’t be throwing punches as the toxic blob has made my arms and legs fall off.. In fact I’m just a neck with a head floating on the toxic surface.. How are you doing my friend? I think it’s amazing how you are keeping your head up without having legs.. Do you miss them? Or do you have phantom legs?

Jason ‘evil’ Covelli:I dont miss em at all My dear friend as long as i got my hand to still be able to create and draw its all fuckin good my brother

^ whoops! There goes Jason EVIL Covelli's hand

^ whoops! There goes Jason EVIL Covelli’s hand

I wanted to ask if you would burn my body when I would unavoidably die towards the end of this interview.. But I think there will be no body parts left to burn.. So not worry! smile emoticon Besides looking at your physical appearance you look like you are towards the end too! Shit man you only have one arm left and I just wanted to ask you about your art..
as your drawing is also something that we really should talk about before dead kicks in.. How long have you been drawing? Left or right handed? When did you discover that you could do this?

Jason ‘evil’ Covelli: When I was 6 my mother seen somethin that would mushroomcloud into a Monster,That 1st pen Changed the mood. Right Handed,I didscovered after much progress i can very well create Monstr and sickness and detail em to something that astonishes people and i am a Fuckin stickler on details as ov late, But i dont think when i draw, once that pens in my fuckin hand i just go at it and never look back,i can even detail the mistakes from time to time and no one knows. As a Homage to my wife my son and daughter i put their intials in my works, I gotten that idea from one ov my Favorite Character Artists: AL Hirschfield, he always put his daughters names in his works and well why shouldnt i right?????

Your art has been used for DIY magazines, album covers, flyers, posters… But I see them too in the shape of tattoos.. Any Jason ‘Evil’ Covelli tattoos out there? And what about graffiti?

Jason ‘Evil’ Covelli:There are a Few and i am Hopin more people want my ink on there skin, Graffitti i would love to get back into it again, i always tagged my name: Mr.Psycho on rail Cars with vibrant and often hellish look Krylon and Montana Spray Paints

Now that we are facing death together, would you go back in time and change things or do something different? I mean I had just this flashback of my life of all the good and bad things that happened.. Do you have anything you would have done differently in your life, looking back while facing the final curtain?

^ Jason EVIL Covelli is facing the final curtain

^ Jason EVIL Covelli is facing the final curtain

Jason ‘evil’ Covelli: None whats so fuckin ever, I have Not one fuckin regret for alll my fuck ups, my hurtings, my punishments, my ways ov thinking, No my Life, i am very Happy with all My fuck ups cause if i didnt fuck up so fuckin bad i would be GOD fuckin forbid NORMAL, would u want to be fuckin NORMAL???? i think not

Oh man I’m sorry but my teeth are crumbling now.. I’m drowning man.. It was an honor to meet you Jason.. And even more honor to die with you here… Do you have any last words before I lose my ears and we both die in this toxic mess?

Jason ‘evil’ Covelli: Awww man I love u Kai and thank u for such an intrigin TOXIC fun Interview, i am Proud ov what i have Accomplished and acheived and i will continue to achiev and accomplish and annhilate as much as i can til my very fuckin last breath if anyone artistic/Non Artists but trauma Noise Junkie artists want to try and contact me here is where Cause i love tradin mail art:
4304 65th Street
Kenosha,WisconSIN 53142 UsA

DESTROY_the_INFIDALS@yahoo.com (((I do respond back unlike Most fuckers round the bend))))

^ these where the last words of Jason EVIL Covelli, and KN who died a beautiful dead in toxic waste

^ these where the last words of Jason EVIL Covelli, and KN who died a beautiful dead in toxic waste


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