Furchick – NoizeMachin!!#12

ballsArtist: Furchick
title: NoizeMaschin!!#12
keywords: balls, noise, ambient, machine, video, performance
words by: Bert Ball

Furchick is on tour, playing at various venues and obviously having a good time. If you are a fan or just want to know what she is been up to, you are free to join her posse over at her official Facebook page. A while ago she posted that after a performance a man came up to her suggesting to bring a laptop next time in order to make something that would resemble ‘music’, this isn’t a quote (as I couldn’t find the actual post back, but it was something along this line..)

I don’t understand this complaint as people who perform live music with the use of a laptop are also bombarded with morons who claim that they are playing a game of cards, or just check their emails. (maybe they do, and maybe they don’t either way; it’s none of anyone’s business) So when Furchick obviously plays a visually appealing performance in which an audience can actually see how the music (that they hear) is made, you would expect more a scene of such a man coming up to her after the show with a compliment ‘thanks for not bringing a laptop, Furchick! This was awesome!’ Either way, I guess to some it’s never right, which made me wonder what really went on in this guy’s mind…

Furchick might just performed something that wasn’t not appealing to the ear or eyes, but perhaps there was another secret factor at work that triggered this person to try to sell her a laptop after her show. Perhaps it was a dodgy thing called ‘jealousy’. Jealousy? Why you might think? Well it might just have been that the man was extremely intimidated, as even though a man (in general) has a pair of balls following him wherever he goes; Furchick happens to have much more balls!

And on top of that, Furchick isn’t scared to use them! She throws them in her special device in which they roll around in order to generate sound, she gives them extra speed by holding a ‘handle’ and even goes so far (that’s the kind of action that perhaps might be felt by a proud ball carrier) by not giving a single shit when she loses a couple of them. Oh yes, Furchick gives these balls a good purpose, but could just be fine without them too.

Of course I’m not sure if this visual ball performance was something that makes a man secretly jealous of the balls that Furchick has to perform and do her thing, but if not, there would probably always be another secret hidden reason somehow somewhere for such a person to say something stupid. Or indeed he might just have been a sales representative for laptops… Either way: please do not be jealous but just enjoy the sounds that Furchick makes with her balls in the following live video from back in the day (2012) at NoizeMachin!!:

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