The New Fabian Society – Melt EP (DB007)

You may want to take a deep breath as you behold the album art for The New Fabian Society's Melt EP, because... there is a pair of lungs! *gasp*

The album art for The New Fabian Society’s Melt EP happens to be a pair of lungs, and what’s really strange is that you may find looking at it triggers an irresistible urge to breath in and out repetitively over the course of a lifetime. We’re putting our best minds to work at figuring out how they managed to achieve this amazing psychedelic effect.

Artist: The New Fabian Society
Title: Melt EP
Label: Dead Beet Records
Cat#: DB007
Keywords: Punk, Post-Industrial Punk, Psychedelic
Reviewer: Alex Spalding

Ah, welcome reader! So glad you decided to meet me for a cup of java at the stuffy and pretentious Cafe’ Le Yikis. I ordered an Esccxpresso and had them add extra hot water to it. They expect that when you’re an American. You can get whatever you’d like, though. Just try to keep it under a couple bucks, I gave my last few dollars to our publisher so he could get some ramen noodles.

I know, I know… it’s quite busy in here today, with people sitting all over the place on laptops, shooting angry glances in our direction. It’s probably not them… it’s me. I must look like a total, uh… *buuuurp*

… What was I saying? Oh, yeah… I must look like a really cool guy. Such jealous rage. ^_^

Anyway, I was trying to think of something we could talk about in here, something that would make us seem to everyone else like we’re a couple of intellectuals who care about what other people think of us. Brilliant, eh? I guess we could talk about the latest Hollywood blockbuster? You know, I heard it had really awesome special fx! Hm… yeah, I didn’t see it either. That’s too bad or something, I guess.

Well, since we’re here, I suppose we could always just listen to some music and write a review! By the way… I don’t know if you noticed, but this coffee tastes a bit odd. Like anise… and mushrooms… and boiled forest toads. They should probably get a water filter. Well, whatever is going on with that, I’m positive it will have no bearing whatsoever on anything in the next paragraph.

The first track on this EP is titled ‘Melt Inside’, and… wait… do you notice anything a bit unusual about this cafe?

Fabian Cafe
… yeah, those floor tiles are awesome! Anyway, where were we? Oh, right! ‘Melt Inside’ is the first track, and it hits you immediately with some hi-hatting and feedback guitar fuzz. Then it just kind of crams itself into your skull. My first impression of this music when I heard it is of some kind of Sunset Strip drug noise bender soundtrack. There’s an expanse even of desert, color-changing horizons, cacti. Then it’s dive bar, velvet draped gorgon, losing all sense of reality in a heady daze where countless decades are crushed into one evening and we’re dust. Yeah, it’s that sound.

‘Chains’ brings more fierce feedback to the fore, a razor-sharp cloud of cigarette smoke fuels the atmosphere of sensory displacement and light displays our movement in a blur. The music feels perpetually decadent, a long and confusing fall into a vortex of sound, through sound. It’s not all-out aural chaos, just controlled enough to make it disorienting, like induced vertigo.

The last track is ‘Eat Out Of Your Lungs’, which begins with a fuzzy riff and then escalates into the familiar madness of spinning psychedelic rock. I’ve had to think a bit to find in what way this music has been post-industrial. There is something to it that reminds me of late ’90s industrial rock group The Tea Party, though this music is far from the kind of pop-alt aspirational vibe of that and more like the sound of a den of subterfuge, whisky and illicit life experiences surround us.

Sorry to say that that’s the end of the EP, though I’m sure we can look forward to more music soon! I think I’ve had it with this gross coffee, anyway. I’ll just stick to The New Fabian Society music next time, it tasted way better! I’d have to recommend you try it, buy it, love it, talk about it to anyone who will listen… even your mom, if she’s cool. Maybe your cat, if you don’t know anyone. I mean, imagine to yourself, what the world would be like if everyone were on this? Weird! I’m imagining. I’m there.


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