StepChild – Stages E.P.

Artist: StepChild
title: Stages E.P.
keywords: hip-hop, soul, rap, experimental,
label: Little Whore Records
reviewer: The Expert

Fresh and bright sounding produced hip hop music produced by Madam Wang and perfect vocals by Maigan van der Giessen is such a good combination. With their latest EP project ‘stepchild’ in which 5 diverse tracks flourish, they proof that they have everything to rock the house. Maigan spits the words out as easy as a well-oiled hip hop machine, from great tight flows to something that easily flips into delivering a big voice in a soulful way.

I love it when she sings; her voice sounds very warm, massive and strong and these fine trademarks all gets perfectly showcased on this collection of great music that gives big beats a new meaning, melodies a new pleasantness, freshness a new rich crispness.

I’m certainly not an expert in this kind of music, so don’t take it from me; but I think this project probably will blow up and will reach your ears one day or another; so better be first, as then at least you can brag about it that you heard them before anyone else, and even better; before they’ve turned into the biggest super stars on the planet.. Nobody wants to eat a second hand sandwich, so better hear it as fresh as it can get over at the following link:

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