Serafina Ouistiti – Malocchio’s puppetshow

1artist: Serafina Ouistiti
Title: Malocchio’s puppetshow
keywords: movie, animation, electronic, electroacoustic, experimental, babylon
label: The Dream Society
words by: pssst

2008 was a year in which like many other years, many things happened. The passing of months, hours and seconds, people being born and people departing to the afterlife; you know things that happen every year. Still 2008 had also something that other years didn’t have, or perhaps they still have it but in another context, shape or form. In 2008 there was a movie online, a movie named ‘Chant Down Babylon’. It was a spectacular movie, full of provocation, graphics, music, bottles of wine, anti-Babylon statements, eggs, pipes and other black and white thought-expanding (and decreasing!) visuals!

The movie was shaking the internet up as it stood bold of propaganda,
Unapproved mockery of the system, politics, commercialism, and of course lots of Ronald McDonalds.. It didn’t take all too long before the secret forces of the elite had managed to remove the complete full length movie from the internet, erasing all its traces as if it never had existed. Hardly did they know that the creator/director/animator/movie & music producer, a secret agent than named ‘Serafina Ouistiti‘ had preserved some bits by smuggling them to safety on a hidden YouTube channel.

Now many years later, the leaders of the free world had changed, and even Michael Jackson had left the building (minus a holographic version of himself) and so it is safe for us to dig up and re-spread these controversial movie parts to our dear readers.. As even if today’s faces are different ( Ronald is still ruling the scene) , the message of this movie can still be applied to the craziness that we live in today. Hello Donald!

So here, dear readers, we have a very controversial banned scene (with music! – As without it, it would be a complete ‘silent’ movie- ) that they didn’t want you to see, and thanks to modern sneaky hideaways; can see again! Enjoy the puppeteer Malocchio (Tom Fogg) and his dancing Babylon puppets:
(Beware some epileptic persons might suffer an attack while watching this video)

There are of course some other scenes of this movie hidden on the digital channels of YouTube, but considering that this is the one that triggered many lawsuits, copyright infringements and features fun music   It’s probably for the best to give it the fullest attention. Besides we are waiting for a promised shipload of wine in exchange for more words, so see and hear this as a teaser and enjoy the drunken trumpets, clowns, pigs and telephones.

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