The Femme-Mynistiques – Here She Comes… Live @ The Boom Room

artist: The Femme-Mynistiques
title: Here She Comes… Live @ The Boom Room
keywords: hip-hop, rap, experimental, electronica, jungle,lyrical,spoken word,poetry,tribal house,vocals, Philadelphia
reviewer: Esther Langendorf

some info from The Femme-mynistiques bandcamp account:
In January 2011, at the behest of the Plum Dragoness (founder/hostess of Poet-tree-En-Motion), the three artists (Alexa Gold, Lady Omni Mc & Plum Dragoness) decided to collaborate, performing as The Femme-mynistiques and blending their respective skills in dance, music production, theater, poetry and song into an illuminating blend of musical performance celebrating the spirit of freedom, femininity and love.

Now in Augustus 2015 we are listening to this trio’s E.P. named ‘Here She Comes… Live @ The Boom Room’ a release consisting of four tracks recorded from a live performance that is of an excellent audio quality.
When hearing the first track named ‘she walks among us’ I can’t ignore that there is ‘music and vocal wise’ something very powerful at work over here. The cover picture of this release really seems to be a perfect visual fit, as this track can be heard as if the group comes in frontal view and with a great pace walks in a determent way forwards; they simply sound unstoppable & it would be foolish to even attempt to try hindering this trio in their chosen path of forwardness.

The Femme-Mynistiques

The music done in this work has a stimulating vibe of triggering something mystical, but in a upbeat to the point way. The music is good, but to me it’s the vocals that are the ruling the determent power factor of this track; they might be polished or unpolished, but sharp enough to scratch your eyes out if you aren’t moving aside, or join them in some way on their cause.

Lyric wise the group throws in terminology that gives me as a uninformed uneducated dumb foreigner hailing from another planet, enough words to write down and do a research on. Names like Kali, Quan Yin, Ishtar & supreme mistress are now noted in my little book of things to google up; hoping to enlarge my brain with newly gained knowledge tickled by this impressive sounding ‘she walks among us’ showcase of the power of music, vocals, rhythm, lyrical content and above all; the togetherness of this all.

Then they perform ‘Urban Diva’ and with this the music sounds more laid-back, with an easy going accompanying melody and sleek beat. The minimal music approach really works well as I (for one) can’t get my body to sit still as the rhythm and word flow are making me wobble from head to toe. Just like the urban diva that they rap about in their lyrics, the Femme-Mynistiques are doing their thing & they definitely are doing it right. Great thing with it being a live performance is that it also captures the good reception of the audience when the song had left its final word; everyone loves it!

What follows is the recording of the live version of ‘Can’t Forgive’. It starts with a more experimental sparkle before going for a nice frisky modern sounding electronic beat and darker undertones. The voices of the Femme-Mynistiques are giving credit to their name by using power full words hailing from smart story telling lyrics of the up and downsides of love. When the lyrics goes ‘They say what doesn’t kill us,
Only makes us stronger… strong-her… strong-gurrr!’ you can feel that they mean it, and this fact is empowering on its own.

Phree-dome’ is the last song that this powerful trio performs for this E.P., here they once more throw their flows of words, rhythm, and tight collaboration together to bring a song that greatly underlines the urge to solve the puzzle of freedom. I think all songs consist of intelligent lyrics, great togetherness and content that has a meaning and… well did I already say… empowering?

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