Flaer Smin – IRA

Artist: Flaer Smin
title: IRA
ca: o2 label 05 – 06
keywords: new age,instrumental
label: o2 label https://archive.org/details/@o2label
reviewer: Willem van O.

Imagine a piano on the beach, being played by a person with the urge to sing a song that sounds a bit like ‘holy night, silent night’ in a way as if the voice was a humming violin.  It’s a tiny bit odd as you can imagine that the little waves of the sea are softly splashing against the piano and slip back against the toes of the musician that is responsible for it. Nonetheless this is a bit what the first track seems to sketch in the mind. The piano music is very nice and fits quite nicely with the little waves and the soft beach background sounds; as if it is complimenting the scenery with every note of the key.

Than the weather seems to change for a bit, as a slight thunder could be heard in the backdrop of the next track. Don’t worry as the rain will not come down and destroy the following pretty session of sounds named music. with kindness it erupts with a spiritual kind; melodic and pretty humbleness and a harmonic humming voice full of relaxing comfort for new age perfectness. This is only the beginning as the music folds open with a more orchestral feel; a warm flute, a dense humbleness; featuring all the elements and signals that points out that this is the perfect music for self-reflection and inner tripping. The music in which people will hopefully attempt to find their own self senses again in, to come back to a state of perfect harmony in which peace toxins replace the dark clouds that had been hanging around in disturbed minds; music for spiritual awakening…

The last piece of mystic music is a bit like we are having a preview of being in heaven of some native ancient land. There is a pretty peaceful bell like melody shimmering for comfort purposes, a little trumpet slipping in, an official sounding vocal that makes it all a bit dreamy & the casual background chat and birds.. It’s as peaceful as a summer’s day in the shades of the trees in some pretty piece of a natural dream.

Conclusion? Peaceful dream or meditation music? maybe both…


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  1. Feminatronic says:

    Reblogged this on Feminatronic and commented:
    Today I have made quite a discovery Flaer Smin courtesy of Yeah I Know it Sucks. It sent me on a trail and apparently Flaer Smin is a young woman from Kazakhstan who promotes New Age, Downtempo and Chillout music.

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