Kontroljet – MIXMAX

Artist: Kontroljet
keywords: mixtape,
label: Mindblasting

Kontroljet got it all under control. Well maybe not ‘all’ as that would make Kontroljet into some kind of divine creature, but music and especially sound wise it’s definitely under Kontroljet’s control. Well not in speaking terms of all music and sounds but in speaking terms of Kontroljet’s own MIX-MAX release.

It’s (I’m not good at math) around 19 minutes in length and did surprise me in a good way. For some reason the legs in nylon and the name printed on the release cover made me expect that it would be some kind of techno-house-dance kind of thing, but that turned out to be totally not the case. I love it when that happens; when you automatically judge a book by its cover and than you open it and it’s nothing as you would have expected. And so did MIX-MAX turn my prejudgement into a foolish one, as this release had nothing to do with dance music in the casual sense of the word. I mean considering that we live in a time and age that people are doing noise yoga, there is plenty of reason to suggest that there are people dancing on music or sounds that aren’t necessarily made to dance upon.

So Kontroljet’s MIX-MAX is as I see it more made for sitting down and silent admiration. Just open the ears and let Kontroljet’s controlled scenes of sound crisper in them. Kontroljet will take good care of both your ears and these sounds, mixing them in and out through kind ways, creating an active soundscape of fresh twinkling twinkles. I didn’t really feel it as an audio trip, but more as something that was nice and light, mixing and matching favorable sounds away in what appears to be one take with 3 different sound chapters. The beginning is coming across very light, material to get slowly used to Kontroljet’s control of sounds. Than the middle part which seems to be more full in volume and content, and then the end part in which the mixing in the max becomes a subtle abstract form of active ambient crispers. You can hear it over at the following link:

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