Mist – You Blew My Mind, ik mag niet klagen & Go

artist: Mist
title: You Blew My Mind, ik mag niet klagen & Go
keywords: pop, folk, singer songwriter, alternative

Rick Treffers; who doesn’t know him? He is here, he is there…
He is everywhere!

Just in case you had successfully avoided him and his songs, you just bumped into a post that is about him. Or perhaps not about him, but about his music as ‘Mist’. But aren’t Rick Treffers and Mist a intertwined thing? Well maybe they are, maybe they aren’t. I think the artist didn’t have ‘Mist’ as an outlet if he could do everything under his real name all along. I guess ‘Mist’ is also the band version of Rick… But I’m not sure.. After all I’m not only a fake reporter, I also do not know Rick Treffers or Mist that well.

I believe Mist & Rick are touring, residing in the sun in Spain, coming from the land of wooden shoes… But that’s all I know; and even this might not be even accurate. So let’s focus on the things that I do know: music! And Mist (with Rick Treffers!) has lots of it! It simply blows my mind!

And crazy enough, the collection of Mist music seems to be even expanding as there seems to be a brilliant new album out and about named ‘The Loop Of Love’. It’s a fun title as in English it might be conceived as the circle of love, but if pronounced in Rick Treffers’s native language it could be interpreted as ‘the walk of love’. You just know that this is a album title that is thought through, and definitely the work of someone well equipped
for sing and songwriting.

Before posting you a link to a wonderful sentimental song of this ‘The Loop Of Love’ album, I wanted to underline the roots of Rick Treffers/Mist by embedding a video for a song about Holland, sung in the difficult double Dutch language, but with visuals and music that will blow your mind even more than the ‘blow your mind’ video above. And strangely enough anyone should be able to join in while Rick sings an epic way the colorful inviting line of ‘Holle Holle Holle Holland’ ! You really should see and hear this:

And then after all we have gone through within this post, it’s now time to come together and watch and hear a song from the new Mist album. A song lucky for our visual receptors also brought with a video that brings tropical sea creatures, together with split screens of half Rick’s and half… Of Sara Winkels..
It’s an intriguing sight and a pleasant warm song to hear. Go and hear ‘Go’!

If you like and love what you just heard, (and how could you not?) than please don’t hesitate and go to Rick’s Mist or Mist’s Ricks official website and try getting a copy of ‘The Loop Of Love’ in your hands (or ears?).

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