Haddaway – What Is Love

Haddaway's like, "don't look at me, I don't know either!" It's ok, Haddaway. Nobody knows.

Haddaway’s like, “don’t look at me!”

Artist: Haddaway
Title: What Is Love
Label: … What?
Cat#: Is…?
Keywords: Love?
Reviewer: Alex Spalding

Oh! Oh! Coming straight outta the underground, WHAT IS LOVE!?

This fresh new drop from acclaimed EDM musician Haddaway tingles the ears with sensual, imaginal feathers of sound. It’s like sex on a silk sheet of sound. It’s like that bed of roses gotta peel the thorns out your ass sounding SOUND.

I may just be another number in your black book of bangin’ club grooves, Haddaway, but damn, I’m not going anywhere with this, I just wanted to say!

Be sure to set your brainwaves to this channel, though, because this single’s on a slow roll coming to a dancefloor near you!!!


(ok, this is the last time I write a review after I’ve been drinking, I swear)

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3 Responses to Haddaway – What Is Love

  1. Alex Spalding says:

    I’m just like… wow. He really Haddaway with words.

  2. Caffeinate says:

    You sir, are a master

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