Various Artists – Under the Covers

Artists: Various Artists
title: Under the Covers
keywords: punk, fuzz, garage, lo-fi,Scotland, surf, UK
label: Fuzz Kill Records
reviewer: Willem van O.

Valentines day; another great source for income of flower shops and post card printers. But It’s also a day that made this compilation of Fuzz records possible. It’s one mega compilation of all these bands/projects covering a ‘romantic’ song. As a barbaric person of culture, I personally do hardly know any of the originals, minus that ‘Donna Summer’s I Feel Love song’, so it’s been quite a ride to discover these people here, dusting off old tunes to make it new again in their own ways.

The Bellybuttons dip their feathers in the inkpot of love to cover a song about this girl named Anna. Could this be The Bellybuttons doing a love song? It might just be one that sounds a bit hopeless to my ears. The song seems to flirt with more quirkiness than romantic tones; although I’m feeling pretty charmed by it too so even quirkiness can be an effective trade in romance.

FROTH is going for a cover of ‘Happy Together’. It has a much freer approach than the original, making me feel as if I’m listening to a wild punk girl jumping around with a lover that has no voice of its own in this relationship. This is a; If you like it or not, I hold your hand and jump around and you jump with m because well I’m holding your hand’ attitude.

Then it’s time for SHARPTOOTH – Remember (Walkin’ in the Sand) (The Shangri-Las). It’s the music that makes me think of white coral, soft warm sand on a beach, palm trees on a boulevard and smiles that are brighter than the sunshine. It’s also a bit drowsy; as if it’s the music that is equal to a few bottles of Rose on a beautiful day. The sung is sang by a pretty voice and the music simply nails it, going from romantic beach intimacy to great higher heights that could be compared to fireworks in broad daylight

Catholic Action – Somebody Made For Me (Emitt Rhodes) is another great tune, brought in a flair that sounds so vibrant and positive that it captures the bright side of being in love a great deal.
You know the music that fits the butterflies that roam around your belly when you just met up with that someone that is specially made for you… All the good things, before the backlash of love kicks in!

PAWS – Sea Of Love (Phil Phillips) is the moment that we non music makers all want to pick up a tambourine and show of that we can’t hold a rhythm at all. But please don’t do it, keep your urge to play the tambourine for yourself as it would ruin the whole tune; it already sounds so great, sweet, and a bit stoney Maloney in a good way..

Secret Motorbikes covers an Elvis Costello classic named “Alison’.  It’s really nice and lovely, especially if your name happens to be Alison. The music shimmers out in grand fashion, and I can’t say another word about it because it’s leaving me speechless.

Then Pinact does ‘Sparky’s Dream’ (Teenage Fanclub) it’s keeping the teenage vibe high up and still gives it a vibrant pleasant spin which would fit some American ‘growing up student life’ movie. Not breakfast at Tiffanies, or National Lampoon or that movie with a dick in a pie : But something more romantic.

TWIN MIRRORS – For Your Love (The Yardbirds) makes it all spicy and roughed up. My dogs look shocked and my cat suddenly walks past with her hair in spikes and over excessive black mascara and broken stockings on her cat legs. Does she wear upside down cross earrings? Oh I love that cat, she is such a blast! I don’t even need to talk about music as her looks is simply enough to get my point across… right?

Poor Things – I Will (The Beatles) is up next and it makes me want to stroke the Poor Things their heads just because I think it’s cute that they had chosen a Beatles song… I mean.. It is cute, right?
I do realize here that I think that out of all the bands presented here on this valentines compilation I would definitely send ‘Poor Things’ my belated valentines card in the hope they would like to be my belated valentines. I want to squeeze their cheeks, hear them sing under the shower; I better ad a lipstick kiss on the envelope.
This compilation is also available as a romantic package as pictured above ❤

The Pooches – You’re The One For Me (Jonathan Richman) is also so warm and loving in how it sounds and being done. This is the perfect song delivery for a good romantic cuddle session.

Bite gives Donna Summer’s ‘I Feel Love’ disco hit a nice spaced out acoustic spin, making me all fuzzy and loving inside.  Who needs electronic nonsense if you can do it more romantically in an intimate way? Bite delivers it well and I take my hat off for it. Congratulations.

The Shithawks – She’s Like the Wind (Patrick Swayze) comes in kicking, destroying the romantic mood of ‘I Feel Love’ in a rapid speed, and turns it upside down for a rocking on the ceiling moment; Rough sounding guitar, moments of bottles of whisky opening, heavy on the drums and other forms of energy. I guess this is not the track for cuddling; this is for full on hardcore musical intercourse!

Tuff Love – Lovely Day (Bill Withers) is compared to The Shithawks butter sweet, making it perfect in case you had indeed a need for something sweet and buttery. I tried to spread it out on a sandwich and listened to it while chewing the music away with little romantic bites myum.

Faiides – Just Like Honey (The Jesus & Mary Chain) . What can I say about it? I love Honey; honey in the tea, honey on my finger, honey on my honey, and licking honey with my tongue… Yeah, it’s fair enough to say nobody wants to know about my doings with honey; I just need something to type here so it looks like this is a review. I like the song though; it’s a bit rougher than I would fancy my honey. It reminds me of the day that I had left my bottle of honey open and a whole ant colony had moved in and where all sinking (and dying) in this mass of honey. What a beautiful way to die it must have been for them.. But yeah, the music is a bit like honey with ants inside.

Fruit Tones – Tears On My Pillow (Little Anthony and the Imperials) is also nice; It has a nice swing to it. Making me feel like I’m in some carousel listening to music from the good old classic days in which nobody would ask for an ID card when you had to buy a bottle of booze for a relative (or yourself) at the cashier of the local booze shop. The romantic sound of the good old days!

Last but certainly not forgettable is lara caluna who delivers ‘O, Willow Waly’ by Georges Auric. It is the perfect ending of this compilation of romantic interpretations. Really nice, soft and sweet without any violent impulses or weird unexpected moves the song seems to be made for a cuddle session under the blankets. (Preferable with someone you fancy or love; but alone could also be an option…)

So yes, there we have it. A love compilation, based on the concept of Valentine’s day and all these bands giving their own personal swing to the originals. It certainly brought some spice to the normal cheesy lovers rock collections, so ‘Yes’ I give it thumps up and throw my baseball hat of love in the air to give it my final reviewers blessing. Here is a link for all those lover boys, lover girls and everyone beyond and in between:

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