Marion – Thug Youth

The album art for Marion's Thug Youth is best described by looking at the picture and then writing several words that you feel come into your head afterward. That's what I do, anyway, and you're welcome to try another approach any time.

The album art for Marion’s Thug Youth is best described by looking at the picture and then writing several words that you feel come into your head afterward. That’s what I do, anyway, but you are more than welcome to try another approach any time.

Artist: Marion
Title: Thug Youth
Label: Unknown
Cat#: Unknown
Keywords: Pop
Reviewer: Alex Spalding

Ah! Kinda wanted to just share this.

I feel, as a music reviewer, that I am compelled to actually write reviews sometimes, though, so I tried to look for a way to get started. That lead me to analyze my feelings about why I was wanting to share it in the first place.

I guess I was thinking about my youth, which was only like a semi-thug youth, and the way I always was with music. I loved finding those artists and bands that it felt like no one else had heard of and just letting them be my world, listening to them constantly, wearing their merch around, trying to spread them to others, scratching their insignia onto any available public surface. Then, often, they’d get bigger, which I’m sure was all because of me since I have this terrible power, and I’d start to fall out of appreciation for them, even going so far as to disown my previous attachments in certain extreme situations.

I’m so glad I’m not that way anymore!

I mean, I still love finding artists and bands that are overlooked, listening to them a lot, talking about them, committing petty acts of vandalism occasionally inspired by them. What I mean is, my perception changed at some point… I understand so much more, as an artist myself, cough, about what goes into it… that trying to build your fanbase is really what everyone tries to do, and it’s important in order for what an artist is trying to express to reach people and effect them, to expand in every possible way. I had to become a different kind of fan, one who loves seeing the artists I love make it. Like, really make it! Agh, and it hurts when an artist you know is doing fantastic work remains somehow under-received, under-valued, under-appreciated.

Like Marion.

It was originally another artist (Snow Wite, who’s work from that time I was also really getting into, and wow, I really need to find some time to delve into it again) who got me into Marion, particularly Fatal Jamz and their awesome single One Of The Girls, which still gets stuck in my head so long after I wrote a review of it. And, after I’d written that review, I went around to various places where people congregated and the internet flowed like water and put it on! For some reason, a lot of people who I thought would get it, just didn’t get it… and I didn’t get it. For me, personally, that single was one of the best glam lo-fi powerpop tracks I’d heard in a really long time. I’d say, if I were going to sit down and put together like, a mixtape of the best glam I could think of, One Of The Girls would be one of the first things I’d put on it. I went to youtube just yesterday to listen to it again, and ended up finding this video, though:

Which, like… everything this guy does… like, I just love it. The interview at the beginning before the music plays had me busting up, because he and the people he works with just do such a fantastic job with it, capturing a vibe, it’s there and there’s a humor to it and yet it’s so real. And there are these two things, he’s got you thinking about how all of his music is for strippers and you’ve got this concept of Thug Adonis, and then the music starts up. The video has a lot of great shots, I couldn’t help but notice the A E S T H E T I C S motif even showing up unexpectedly in this vid, all this classical sculpture flies into the shots as we stare at islands.

But, I love how the music on ‘Thug Youth’ is produced, with that crackling low-end analog tape density on the drums which just hit, hit, hit, you know? Those slap bass snaps are perfect. The guitar creates washes of glow throughout the track, I love the fuzzy lead section and that synth bell / piano sound… the samples that crash in like a tidal wave. And, somehow over all the energy of this, his vocals come in so clear in the mix and really are great.

So yeah, I just really wanted to share it and keep the fires burning for this guy’s work! So under-rated! I mean, there are the exotic locations, the boat, the fashion, the excess, but you know, only 1,509 views as of right now! And some of those are just me! And, like… 2 comments!?!? What is that? This guy’s putting a lot into this stuff, and it’s from the heart!!!

As always, I’ll encourage you to support this music by clicking the link below! I hope you will share it around with people, especially if you know anyone into lo-fi rock and glam vibes… Marion is just criminally under-rated, kind of like how etching band names with a sharp piece of broken junk onto desks in school libraries is criminally under-rated, but much more so… like, I hope people are still at least getting away with the latter.

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3 Responses to Marion – Thug Youth

  1. kainobuko says:

    This is absolutely wonderful 🙂
    Thanks for sharing this Alex.

  2. Rinus says:

    I agree Alex and Kai. very beautiful thanks for charing

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