Joe Bone & The Dark Vibes – Voodoo Blood

Artist: Joe Bone & The Dark Vibes
Title: Voodoo Blood
Keywords: Music
Reviewer: Alex Spalding

Hello, and welcome to another review at… Yeah I Know It’s Haunted!

Yes, I’m afraid it’s true. There have been a lot of spooky things happening around here, lately. This whole place, as weird as it may sound, is most likely very haunted all of a sudden. That’s the most logical conclusion I can come up with, anyway. The floors are all creaky, I keep thinking I see something and there’s nothing there, and every consumable liquid is in baubles with dry ice floating around in it… I mean, that’s just because it’s my usual preference to drink everything that way, but it’s really adding to the spookiness right now.

Ahh!!! What was that?

Oh… it was nothing.

Well, please excuse the jumpy atmosphere. I hope you’ll stick around, because it always makes it so much easier in times like these when there’s someone else around to freak out with. Unless…

… they’re a ghost.

Ghosts smell terrible.

Even though it’s kind of dark in here right now, I think we should try to review something. Something that fits the mood.

I wasn’t sure what that might be, but then I looked at the title of the review and thought, hey, that really looks like it could work. I’m glad I wrote that in first!

It begins with a foot. It’s like… something’s afoot, perhaps? Ah, yikes, sorry about that pun, we need to get a filter for those. There’s an organ playing, and a lightbulb comes in… a scary lightbulb. If you’re not watching the video right now, you might not believe that there is a scary lightbulb, but you should hit play and see. It looks like it could go out at any instant! A breakbeat comes in and we see Joe Bone dancing on stage in slow motion. A heavy squelch comes into the mix as lurid shots of a body wrapped in thick spider webs comes into view.

It wasn't me this time!

It wasn’t me this time!

As a saxophone comes into the mix, we’re treated to what are among my fave shots in the music vid… I’ll attempt to explain in rich detail…

… an interpretive dancer, dressed in black and wearing a furry cat mask, clutches a feather boa and drapes it from her head, while standing in front of a still of what appears to be an expanse of hilly countryside.

We hear a woman singing, which floats into the mix perfectly. Then, there is a burning head in a room full of candles while a lower voice comes in. All of what I have described so far takes place within about the first 25 seconds of footage… it’s going to take me awhile to wrap my head around how everything connects on a symbolic level, but I am determined to figure it all out. If I can’t, I’ll blame it on the ghosts.

We hear some nice scream samples! More of the webbed cadaver, and then more of the cat dancer. There are woods behind her now and it’s hypnotizing! I love how the sax screams over the digital acid bass! Joe Bone appears in a mask, and everything gets dark as the music and visuals enter our bloodstream. The corpse appears to be alive! Or, undead… she seems to be contorting herself out of her webby prison, pulling it from her face. We get some shots of blood and… stuff… something kind of gelatinous looking! We’ve zoomed in on an eye… the mask being worn is kind of interesting, now that we come to a shot of it much closer up. It’s got a button eye just dangling there, a zipper lip, and it seems to be made of burlap.

Masks have been with us since, oh… probably well back into prehistory, I’m sure. In performance, masks become an adopted persona. The face is hidden and body allowed freedom as conduit, to convey something. I’m always interested when I see a performer using masks, particularly when they’ve created a unique mask for their performances. I want always to ask what they reach for, to pull out of themselves or from the aether, to release using the mask as a tool, and where they think it comes from. Who is their mask? Is it part of the performer, is it outside them? These are the little things that I get all interested in, as I inch my way toward an understanding of it all. He suddenly pulls the mask away, which is another interesting detail. That would seem to tell me in this very subtle way that the persona is internal, and also that there are these intriguing blurred lines; the entity of mask and performer are in unison. It’s very Dr. Jekyll / Mr. Hyde, in a way, except more like, they’re both partners in mayhem possibly!

The cat’s in the night woods, and now I’m like, really following a tangent here, but this interpretive cat dance happening is making me think of werewolves… werecat, though, it may be… the dance, then, is like the seduction of our primal natures. The blood speaks to both an internal calling, or means instead to convey a horror theme of the repercussions of follow through. The woman trying desperately to escape from the web… ah, I had to think about that! Maybe it wasn’t a web at all, but a cocoon. It’s all about metamorphosis, transformation. We don’t even see the mask until later in the video, and then it is removed again nearer the end, only to return. Cycles of the beast. Yeah, yeah! Something’s starting to come together in my brain about all of this now! The last shot, with a woman freed from the cocoon, also seems heavily symbolic, the final result of the struggle of becoming, and of freedom.

Hey, even that melty looking head was in the process of… well… burning.

Kind of like how I’m burning now, for some more Joe Bone & The Dark Vibes! 😀

I’ll hopefully see more of you werecats later, I’ve gotta go meow at the moon for now.

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