Joey Molinaro

1Artist: Joey Molinaro
keywords: black metal, solo grind, violin

meet and hear Joey Molinaro:

Joey Molinaro is what members of the royal orchestra are wanting to be, but will never have the guts to be. Joey Molinaro’s violent violin black metal grind has been so legendary that the musician gets invited everywhere just to see these classically schooled violin players lose their shit and turn red from instant high blood pressure when they stumble upon an original Joey Molinaro performance; a performance that will contain unique fiddling, active boots stomping on the floor, acoustic intermezzos, possible electronic extras that gives the strings of the violin the right amount of tension.

In four years the musician has played over more than one zillion performances (sometimes multiple gigs a day!) and with his rising popularity among all ages (and the help of the anti-André Rieu club) he will definitely go down as one of the most wanted performers of all time!

It was only a matter of time that Joey Molinaro would have come down to gifgrond in the Netherlands to finally play for an audience that isn’t there to be shocked, but was actually there to appreciate the art that is this violin violence performed by this delicate tyrant among classical music performers. This happening was of course a great success with a firm standing ovation of appreciation coming from a wonderful intoxicated audience at the final end. Which is an applause that actually happens often as rebellious passionately solo violent grind is finding more love and respect wherever Joey Molinaro pops up to fiddle his madness. And you got to admit his music is effective!

To me it was inspiring to hear black metal grind performed with the help of a violin, and the rush and buzz had kept my head spinning, tattooing the name and impression of Joey Molinaro in the middle of my appreciative brain. After witnessing this live performance on gifgrond months had gone by, which was the time period needed to get my hearing back. But now fully recovered I feel the drastic need to praise the music of Joey Molinaro also here online for all those classically trained music lovers that are hiding on this block. You can run over here, but you can’t hide for the violin violence of Joey Molinaro; if you don’t come to it, it will definitely come to you; and so here it is. Eat it up my friends!

Of course you don’t need to click the link below, as you can try to resist. But do know that the seed of curiosity has now been planted deep within you, and this curiosity will only grow bigger until it is a gigantic tree ruining all your organs from the inside out. The only way to stop this growth from happening is clicking the link, choose one of the optional albums that seem to speak to you and then  play your album choice out loud and feel all what Joey Molinaro has to offer you!

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