Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt / Graffiti Mechanism / Violence Cotton Drone / Jason ‘EVIL’ Covelli – Green Split

Artists:Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt / Graffiti Mechanism / Violence Cotton Drone / Jason ‘EVIL’ Covelli
title:Green Split
keywords: noise,electronics,experimental,drone,doomed,spoken word,power violence,
label: Trash Fuck Records
reviewer: Simon Hit

A Post Modern Metamorphosis by Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt throws a stable noise section in our ears that makes me think of those tumbling things in which they keep cement in workable liquid form. The sound of it isn’t shocking or made to rape ears, but is coming across like a nice pastry that settles itself nicely as a noise drone with possible hallucinative abilities. For some reason the metamorphose of sound is not the one in which the track turns into this ear bleeding blast that will get some blood in the ears running, but rather the opposite; bringing the track to a soft and kind end…

Only to be greeted by a fanatic sounding work done by Graffiti Mechanism. Here the sounds are very expressive, quite nasty in some ways but also of a kind that you don’t come across every day. I have no idea what the artist used to get these kind of sounds out and about. Raped calculators, circuit Bent keyboards ruined by hot coffee and a bottle of fresh beer; but the sounds are going for a session in which you could imagine them as being alive, very talkative, angry aliens of some kind. The music that Graffiti Mechanism brings here is for sure giving music a mind expansion that it so needed as a whole.

Violence Cotton Drone brings a piece named Thunderdrone; a work that is coming across as strangely cold and warm, but also calming in some way. Perhaps it’s also the placement of the work as after the hectic musical opus of ‘the music’ it’s a blessing to hear something that is of a more stable kind. It’s a bit like listening to a cloud of bad weather, flying by nearby and showing signs of crackling off half way before returning back to its dense dark shape.

Last but certainly not least is a wicked piece done by Jason ‘EVIL’ Covelli who has a great idea what to get for your Valentines date; something very sickening, something gruesome, something that makes the stomach empty itself so that whatever it was that was inside could be eaten again with a romantic candle light, just like any other stupid holiday. Jason prefers Halloween all year around, and why the hell not? Better tune in and hear this stuff!

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