Cash Pony – Zero Charisma

Artist: Cash Pony
title: Zero Charisma
keywords: rock, math rock, prog, psychedelic rock, shred, stoner rock, Oakland
reviewer: Willem van O.

Professionally drunk…

^ Professionally drunk…

^ Professionally drunk…


Let me tell you a little story…

High on a rock of crystal math ‘cash pony’ gallops over a psychedelic landscape, with every step ‘cash pony’ (inspired by a posh kids version of the Hansel and Gretel story) leaves a stash of hard cash behind;  just in case ‘cash pony’ ever loses the way and needs a trail to wherever ‘cash pony’ had come from. Cash Pony did not know that a certain Johnny Cash was in need of cash and picking up each pack of hard cash that ‘cash pony’ had left behind. When Cash Pony indeed lost the way ‘cash pony’ turned around and saw Johnny Cash with his hands full of hard cash that ‘cash pony’ had dropped. Instead of being angry and lost Johnny Cash and Cash Pony embraced each-other in a classic moment of love at first sight.

Not long later they got married with each other and lived a happy life long ever after… Moral of the story? Everyone got time for reading nonsense when ‘cash pony’ is involved… Right, cash bronies?

And now something different, the music of ‘cash pony’! Which just like the story above; contains psychedelic approved math rock, but not a trail of fortune to be picked up? Although you might feel rich when listening to the music, who knows? It’s all about a certain mathematical state of mind … And cash? I’m so drunk right now so please be patient with me..

The video clip promoting one of the songs of their latest release shows no sign of the galloping ‘cash pony’ we all (and especially Johnny Cash) had fallen in love with, but ‘the band’ with the almost identical name (slightly pronounced in a different way) ‘cash pony’. This band (‘Cash Pony)’ we can see while they do their thing between eye trickery animations.

^ Cash Pony (the band)

^ Cash Pony (the band)

It’s good fun seeing and hearing this ‘Cash Pony’ band, even so much so that I wouldn’t mind to throw them some cash (if I had it not all invested in alcoholic beverages) But then again if I had cash to throw around, I would make it snow (with cash replacing the snowflakes; eat that trump!)

Oh! Oh! Hold your horses; the must see video is unexpectedly popping in!

So yes, let me be honest with you dear readers (as you know, drunk people always speak the truth) ; cash pony’s sense of math rock is great. It isn’t like any other math rocks; too formulated and slightly brain numbing with counting numbers, grooves and melodic intervals… This Cash Pony is strangely much more flexible sounding; while it still brings a super tightness that is tight like a great fitting piece of spandex.

I know it doesn’t make sense and by now I’m just mumbling drunken nonsense; but there is a truth to it. Cash Pony ‘the band’ manages to make math rock with psychoactive benefits.. I know… It’s totally weird, but probably that’s why the general confusion within this rumbling ‘Cash Pony’ text. Also I might be insane, but hell; if I wouldn’t write it down, you wouldn’t know! Besides this isn’t about me; this is about Cash Pony.
Maybe even two Cash Ponies, or four.. As I’m seeing double! Triple!
Mathematics is simply taking over the system! 1+1  =. 3. % x 4 = + 8 ^# 848;6 and that equals to:

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