Roel Goovaerts – We zullen wel zien e

Artist: Roel Goovaerts
title: We zullen wel zien e
keywords: electronic, electroacoustic, mediocre, sampling, tape, reel to reel, Antwerp,
label: Bwaa Records

Broomsticks sweeping the floor… They do this for the sake of forming a rhythm to carry a minimal electronic collage made out of presumably stolen & found music-bits that form a completely new work. It’s not even clear if it’s stolen as if it is indeed stolen; the artist manipulates it so nicely that with all due respect; it turns into something that will leave your brain into a pleasant but unsolved new puzzle piece. Is this baseline from a eighties soap series, the melody something from a Aphex twin past? Who cares! It sounds new, calm, pleasant, and yet full of allure from a rich mediocre past; something that triggers a moment of nostalgia for good old time electronica sake, and at the same time it has something that could keep you up at night while puzzling. Does this sound mediocre to you? Excellent; as that’s what it supposed to be.

Then this artist had put his ‘heup’ up in music form. It starts rather funky with a rambling friendly guitar being jammed upon as if it’s a train passing by. A nice collection of electronic flubbers flop in and steal the show by taking over the audio scene for a moment. A moment that doesn’t last very long as the train wreck guitar thing comes back and for some reason it makes me dance with a Bended back. There is nothing wrong with my back, but for some reason I feel this is the way to dance when hearing this; standing up, folded body looking through my own legs and fingers touching the floor. Do you feel like joining this new awkward dance until your head turns blood red?

The next track whose name I won’t write down, (so you will have another reason to click the link below and check it out) has a fine cozy rhythm, making me think I’m horse riding on a mix of electronica that smells of implacable vaporwave that is nice and kind galloping its way to the finish line.

^ There you go!

^ There you go!

Then there is ‘wijsneushoorn’ that is also a fine groovy stable ride. It’s as if a spaghetti western cowboy ride into the sunset had been intertwined with a walk around a sweet interior of a professor’s sound library. You know pots and pans with steam coming out of it and a horse just wandering around the place.

The last and final track is ‘Francy’ and here this western vibe even seems to be more gloriously captured. It’s like sitting in a relaxed spot as if you are lucky luke hearing up a can of beans on some self made fire somewhere in no mans land. A drowsy pleasant guitar plays a repeating loop like forever and it never seems to be a boring thing; clever stuff when someone is pulling that off! Let’s go and take this journey made by Roel Goovaerts over at the following link:

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