Marie Davidson – Un Autre Voyage

Artist: Marie Davidson
title: Un Autre Voyage
keywords: electronic, experimental, ambient, avant-garde, drone, uncategorizable, Austin
Label: Holodeck Records

within an instant Marie attaches synthesized music with an electronic beat to the brain of the lucky listener. With perfect skill and will to thrill the music explores a journey infected by the story telling voice of Marie who merged perfectly on the bubbling strangeness that is this music. We are all burning’ the story goes; and I can only say that this music is worth to burn for! But wait,(don’t burn up straight away) it’s getting even better!

With ‘Excès de vitesse’ the electronic music becomes very groovy, with a infectious baseline and a rocking steady beat which gives the voice of Marie the right amount of flavor to go all French on us. It’s like rocking out on commodore bleep rock from a time that we all would smoke freely in underground clubs with faces smothered in exhilarated  makeup.

Kidnap You in the Desert’  sweeps in like an atmospheric electronic pulse ready to provides an orgasm under electronica lovers, and when Marie kind this pulsation with sensible hums the music simply turns even more into a turn-on. It’s sensual darkness from a retro futuristic order that is presented here, and it sounds like the music to take with you under the blankets for twisted erotic game play. When there is a synthesizer melody popping in to play a dark twist to the soundtrack, it strangely even comes across more arousing than it was without. Pretty damn interesting stuff!

Insomnie’ introduces a new form of atmosphere in which slowly balanced electronic repetitions are being rendered out as a base for a positive amphetamine of melodic music. It turns very powerful without ever going for the option to ever go for a beat, simply working with a melodic palette that is thrilling, sensual and up-lifting. The words of Marie in French give the work a poetic feel, which just adds even more value to the all-round brilliantness of the ups and downs within this original piece of mind-full music. Excellent stuff!

Balade aux USA’ is one of these tracks that gets you hooked in an instant with hypnotic melodic structures that rock, groove and are all pretty much working together to create an excellent reason to let the blood flow towards your ears and legs and give into this music by listening and dancing. The music gives the electronic excellence an excellent raw vibe by the use of a snarling electric guitar; and it all should work like fireworks for music lovers!

Perséphone’ kicks with a steady and determent base-kick while a synth bass rumbles through it. A conversation between a male and Marie shivers in and gets enlarged by organ tones for full on panicky atmospheric extravaganza.
It’s all so good, as a reviewer I don’t know where to start and how to end. So let’s end with a link from where you can check this awesome release out:

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