Bloom – Animal Spirit

2Artist: Bloom
title: Animal Spirit
keywords: cats, analogue, dubstep, synth, trumpet,dreamstep,singer songwriter
Reviewer: Diederik Jan Van Lolastein

If you have been following this ‘place’ you might have heard of Bloom. Our delicious interviewer KN is still recovering from their beloved time together; a time in which hard questions got asked and sportive activities had been played out on a tropical island. You might want to give it a peek if you are in a mood for sun, booze, sugars and ass made sweaters. But that’s not what I’m here for; I’m here to point out a very special song of Bloom that even though that same KN had already featured it here, I still wanted to give it some more love and praises. (In case you have missed it, eh?)

^ Hey! Hey! Hello!? I think i've missed it?! Tell me all about it! meow

^ Hey! Hey! Hello!? I think i’ve missed it?! Tell me all about it! meow

It’s a special song, something that you should be able to feel from the outside to the inside and then from the inside to the outside back again. (It sounds more complicated on paper ((and screen)) than it actually is..) This song is ‘Animal Spirit’ and even though I shove a huge amount of random music in my hearing range, it is one song that since me getting to hear it after reading KN’s review; it simply comes back to play randomly at the weirdest times inside my memory. It’s not a bad thing at all, it’s after all no Abba or Madonna; so every time it pops up by itself at random moments and random times it’s a welcoming case of ‘we meet again’.

^ Heyyyy! Meow! Here we meet again!

^ Heyyyy! Hello! It’s me! Meow! Here we meet again!

And that moment… the moment when it happens… It’s magical!
Out of the blue my heart meows like a cat along with Bloom’s Animal spirit.
I would lick my own paws clean, cough up fur-balls and hum, sing and wiggle my tale high and proud in the air in a most elegant proud way!
My moustache vibrates with the powerful love that I’m receiving each and every time this song appears, and I must say; this is quite often.
And every time it does these moustache thrills are interfering with my surroundings,
spreading like a drop in the ocean a massive vibration of good vibes.
If this vibration of animal spirit didn’t reach you yet, you really should take this opportunity to take both your ears and throw them in the middle of this song.
Let your vibrating mustache spread it further and feel the social and personal benefits with the help of excessive purring!
Let’s throw your ears in here, cat-people:

For more Bloom you can check
soundcloud, facebook, instagram & even shitter!

^ So we meet again! purrr!!! meow meow!!

^ So we meet again! purrr!!! meow meow!!

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