Convulsia Darklove – Bedroom Demo

Artist: Convulsia Darklove
title: Bedroom Demo
keywords: alternative, DIY, avantpop, electro, outsider, post-punk, satanic, synth, singer songwriter, synthpop,synthwave,underground,
label: Weakiediscs

Convulsia Darklove is a post punk Drag, but she probably don’t want to be a queen.
She’s total Outsider and Misfit. 100% DiY and underground.

Convulsia Darklove’s latest release is short but is coming across very passionate. It contains four songs in which Lo-fi synthesized aspects are meeting her ideas pronounced by music, guns, electronic beats and most importantly a voice that is pretty much of a unique kind.

Convulsia Darklove sings in a poetic way (with full lung power) her words out, cutting to subject that are obviously close and dear to her.
Thinks like self-exploration, the urge not to go to war, only seeing darkness and getting some help from Satan. I feel that every word and sound brought by Convulsia Darklove is one that is coming from a heart, maybe surrounded in darkness and disappointment from her human environment; but it sounds solid and meaningful.

In fact it sounds as every word is one that is needed to come out, and wouldn’t be stopped for any traffic light stuck on a red sign. You can feel that Convulsia Darklove is romantic and lovable, yet has to deal with a whole lot of shit coming from peanut minded surroundings.

And yet even though the in general doomed atmosphere of darkness, there is something very charming and lovely about this collection of compelling character tracks that completely makes this release so wonderful and different. It’s within the music and in the voice; something very passionate and so lovable… And I can’t stress this finding enough as I’m sure this is of a realm of realness that a lot of other people (or self-claimed ‘misfits’) would probably recognize themself in, or find at least something to be intrigued or empowered by.

Besides the voice it’s also fair to say that there are electronic bleeps and blops popping up as decorative groovy elements here and there that also function as a light that keeps the themed darkness bright and somehow positive. This is not music of a whining loser, this is the work of a talented winner doing what she has to do & doing it with all that she has! Even ‘with a little help of Satan’ sounds fun and positive; making Satan into a friendly chap which is (if you think about it) a rare depiction in general, but I feel that Satan itself would appreciate it..

So if you are one person who appreciates character, but also character within music, feeling slightly detached from others but are positively natured, like lofi synthesizers and passionate vocals by someone named Convulsia Darklove or are Satan; than please follow this link for a bedroom demo that will positively entertain you:

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