Katie Glasgow – Third Sight

Artist: Katie Glasgow
title: Third Sight
keywords: experimental, female vocalist, harmony, vocals, original music, piano, New York
reviewer: Willem van O.

Katie Glasgow from New York is a vocal major and that means her music is focused on her vocal performance. This release is proof of Katie Glasgow habits to sign in tune, in perfect pitch and (perhaps unsurprisingly) in harmony with herself. There is also a piano to be found, some times a bass, a pretty cello and a shaker (percussion), but the music could have done without them as it’s Katie Glasgow’s voice that is upfront, dominating the music and reducing the rest to an extra background pastry

For some reason the way of vocal production made me think of having an early Christmas. Which is funny as the songs itself are not very Christmas-like; but the way it’s sung might just sparkle that Christmas feeling for me. Normally I’m not a fan of the festive season, but for some reason I wouldn’t mind to put on an early Christmas tree and candlelight to combine it with this release; it would be a nice fit.

My attempt to a comedic review has to make way for a moment of total appreciation as somewhere in the song named ‘third sight’ her vocal harmony surely impresses me. In silence I type further without pressing any keys, just so nobody would notice; that’s what hypocritical reviewers do. Don’t tell anyone, eh?

So let’s focus a little moment on the voice that carries this music so strongly. It’s a clear voice, not too deep and not too high; but also not in the middle. I guess it would be fine to say that this voice sounds passionate and technically perfect.
It isn’t angelic, but also not too wild; it’s not a dreamy voice but does sound very friendly as in one that might warm you up when you are cold. Perhaps that’s where that Christmas feeling had come from. If it’s snowing and the fireplace doesn’t work; just listen to these songs of Katie Glasgow and you’ll be fine.

Either way, if you are interested in hearing songs from a perfect sounding young vocal performance major, than the content waiting for you at the other end of this pretty link would probably please you quite a bit:

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