Hyaena Fierling – Lunar Road

Artist: Hyaena Fierling
title: Lunar Road
keywords: dub, electronic, experimental, industrial, noise, musique concrete, United States
label: Poverty Electronics http://povertyelectronics.bandcamp.com

Lunar Road opens slowly displaying itself in a gradual way, with enough to guess for the visual sound explorer. The music to me personally sketched an open landscape in between some kind of imaginative twilight zone. I could see a grain field with a parked tractor with its engine still running, and an unidentified object draws through a miraculous flight pattern an brilliant piece of crop circle art. Perhaps this is a map to Lunar, or the gate that leads to it; either way it’s a wide image that speaks through sound quite fluently.

As you can imagine, the alienation within this work is stimulating the brain to imagine that extraordinaire life forms from outer space, had some kind of interest to visit earth as if it is a canvas for their road-maps and perhaps abstract arts. It’s a very comfortable thought and the music done here is stimulating it to high proportions.

Any moment the soundtrack might beam us listeners up for a futuristic right in a unidentified flying object, any moment we can be embraced by a surrounding even more surreal than the cornfields with the abandoned tractor. And when the moment arrives you probably feel pleasantly pleased and at ease, as this elevating space ride to Lunar is one that feels weightless, wondrous and pretty much not your ever day ride.. But thanks to Hyaena Fierling and this release you would be able to actually take this flight ride every day.. It’s a perfect release for UFO lovers and anyone else that needs a science fictional audio escape after their busy work days.

What else will please the listening listener willing enough to go through this pretty journey of sound? Of course a fresh amount of filling ‘Lunar Milk’, served poetic and mystic, a thick layer of nice lunar angel singing and a stimulating flavor of cool and warmth that will for sure send us on a pleasant journey of intoxicated relatedness.

Last work is ‘Lunar Caustic’ which in all its fine finest supplies hissy heights together with the subtle sound of a dream-like space rocket engine. With a fast amount of speed the music shoots is through the previous unexplored parts of the great galaxy; a precious ride that is fascinating as it is active made for inner head travel. A better ending could not have been made for this album, yet I wish in all sincerity that it never had ended. A magnificent journey you really shouldn’t miss out on!

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