AG Davis – Bent Bible

Artist: AG Davis
title: Bent Bible
keywords: bible, noise, ambient, experimental, electronic, soundscape, holy
label: Poverty Electronics

In case you have never read or heard the content of a complete bible, you will now have an excuse to listen to one. This bible is so effectively reshaped, manipulated and you might even say ‘circuit Bended’ that even atheist and other bible bashers could enjoy the bible to the fullest maximum. I’m not joking; this bible presentation has the great potential of bringing all kinds of religions and non-religions together to enjoy it in a universal language called ‘music’. And trust me, many of you know that music is a wonderful thing, and goddamn this bible made music is even a top notch wonder-fuller!

A spectacular piece of stimulating details that are of an unknown kind,  on its way to bring a mysterious and pretty bliss, that by excellent art and craft turned into something that I can only describe as pretty and beautiful.
The music is a gradual work that as an experimental ambient piece seems to light us up towards a universal heaven; a place so surreal and kind that everyone (even the haters!) would be allowed in to feel the love. It’s ridiculous how a bible could become like this, but then again don’t think too much and just get on this arc of sound and be enlightened along the way. I know it will sound odd on paper but trust me; you will love this new form of bible/music, so please don’t be afraid to check it out:

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