Selfmachine – Breathe to Aspire (video)

3Artist: Selfmachine
title: Breathe to Aspire
keywords: metal, speed dating, video

Speed dating isn’t the act of taking some recreational speed and then go out on a date, but it’s this weird conceptual thing in which ‘single’ people meet other ‘single’ people for a quick chat and then at the end they can decide if there was some sparkle or not to take it a level further. To be honest, I have no idea if I described it correctly; but I’m sure you know what it is and if not; get of your ass and do your own research.

Or perhaps don’t! I mean do not get off your ass but keep it seated on top of whatever it is that you are sitting on.
Thanks to a music video by Selfmachine we don’t really need to go anywhere to get a good glimpse in how a speed dating session would go as the video smartly used this as a conceptual concept to turn it into a original-original. You can view the video as if you are one of the girls having a speed date with Steven the singer, or you can pretend to be Steven the singer by imagining you being inside his shoes. Mind you, I know from a good source that these shoes are of a large size and you know what they say about people with large shoes, right?
Unfortunately most of the girls in the speed date session don’t really seem to be over the moon speed dating with the Selfmachine front man… I was expecting that one of them would stand up, kick the table, and then kick the man’s nuts until he would squirt out the most fantastic grunt you would ever hear… But the most violent speed dating scene is the one in which a dissatisfied speed date throws water in Steven’s face and pours one on his head; Refreshingly different.

refreshingly different

refreshingly different

All in all; the camera positions, the reality of the whole speed dating dates scenes, and of course the music really seems to give every random watcher a real first person perspective of a speed dating experience. The twisted and unexpected ending of the video is one I’m not going to spoil for you, but is one you should see and live through yourself..
But I can tell you that just by the experience of watching this speed dating based music video that ‘speed dating’ sucks… And I’m not talking about a speed date sucking your sensitive happy erogenous zones.. I’m just saying that speed dating sucks as in the meaning of it being sucky.

What doesn’t suck however is the great music video of Selfmachine,
so come on and dare to ‘speed date’ it over here:

For more Selfmachine you definitely should check out their official website: (because you are worth it!)

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