Golden Leap – Preludium Nuit EP

artist: Golden Leap
title: Preludium Nuit EP
keywords: electronic, beats, dance, electronica,

Electronic music really starts to live a life on its own when you have passed a near dead experience. That’s the feeling that I get when hearing the first track by Golden Leap that ever entered my ears. There is this persistent beep that reminds me so much of the machine that monitors heartbeats at a hospital, making me exciting to hear it as it makes us aware that our heartbeats still must be beating endlessly to provide enough blood through the system to enjoy the music. It’s good to be alive and it’s good to celebrate this by listening to ‘intro HKT’ which really seems to give us enough delicious electro shocks that mouth on mouth is simply a pleasant but not needed handling! Pretty electronic melow-ness empowers enough to turn the monitor equipment into a rattling beat machine while an angelic voice from the after life really does her best to regain conscience again. I see this track as a electronic life saving recovery, so I’m really feeling thankful for the maker to kindly paste a directional link in a email. It’s so good to be alive!

so good to be alive!

so good to be alive!

To keep it in the hospital tools corner; the next perfectness is a beat orientated tune named ‘the needle’. It could be referring to a needle for a regular checkup injection, something more streetwise, or a needle that people in the old days placed on twirling vinyl to get music out and about. I personally could thick all three options being suitable with the music captures under this ‘needle’ title. It’s happy and up, yet groovy and melting.. Making it a druggy favorite for cat loving addicts and personal pleasure seekers but it is also fairly suitable to have this printed on a vinyl and let it spin around in a club that has still people in it that actually appreciate what’s spinning around on a turntable; I mean; it’s for sure good dance music, but it’s also not ‘unintelligent’ which makes it also suitable for people who just want something good to listen.

^ a person who likes to listen to something good

^ a person who likes to listen to something good

We want something that has ‘Integrity’ and that’s exactly what this music seems to be all about. The track ‘Integrity’ underlines it all with a thick electric baseline, a heavy straight forward beat that steps around as if it had lend a cup of sugar from an industrial neighbor. When the music has a nice breakdown in which all becomes silent and whispery, you can just imagine the track tip toeing around so an angry neighbor who demand it’s cup back won’t know that the track is at home but not willing to open the door and face the outside world. When the unwilling neighbor moment leaves the premises the ‘integrity’ sound pops up loud again and we all could join the private party without further disturbance.

Than of-course it’s time to obey some hokey pokey religious electric music that comes as PS4LM 2-A which grabs everyone by the hand to form a robotic polonaise in which our lord almighty is replaced by beats, rhythm, bass, electronic extras, synths and other mind altering stimulants. Please raise your hands up in the air, enjoy and feel the music and praise Golden Leap for delivering the truth of electronic music!

The last track gives us the dangerous vibe as a reminder of the dark roots needed to be a success in electronic dance music. It’s a track named ‘Sacred Floor’ making me feel as if we have enjoyed this EP so much that we are now slowed to stroll the dark attic for a sniff of sacred secrets and a fine lick of endangered acid. Just pop in, stick it in your ears, let it melt under your tongue and enjoy the music. (*before the music starts to enjoy YOU*)

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