Dona Davos – Say Goodbye to the 90’s

Artist: Dona Davos
title: Say Goodbye to the 90’s
keywords:  alternative, experimental, home recordings, acoustic, pop, weird, United Kingdom

I never heard of Dona Davos before, but when my ears fall accidentally in her release I was luckily surprised and impressed. It started with her track ‘say goodbye to the nineteens’ which brings a whole collection of sweetness to the mix, like pretty fax machine sounds, a lovely happy flute and enough lo-fi retro things that keeps you happy and guessing. But above this all its Dona Davos warm fuzzy way of singing that made me instantly smile. Her voice really suits the happy atmosphere and the ‘goodbye anthem for the fond nineties’ seems a sincere and kind one.

You remind me of my childhood’ knits on this concept; armed with a delicate sounding Lo-fi keyboard playing a subtle swinging melody Dona Davos sings on top like the realest thing out there. It only gets better when there is an electric howling guitar slipping itself in to underline the potent epic ness.

Then there is ‘Tonight’ which starts quite different. Main difference is that the instrument sounds of choice are a bit grander leaving the intimacy of the lo-fi goodness a little bit out if the picture, but another remarkable thing is Michael Wookey on the vocals. He delivers like a delicate singer in balance with a piano a ballad that Dona Davos seems to answer with great efficiency. I don’t know what I’m talking about, I’m just searching for words to make you know that this is very good stuff & I personally enjoyed it all very much.

‘I Remember’ brings a slowed paced beat and a sentimental sounding piano together with a rough guitar at the edges. This perfect mix of drowsy melodic music fits the voice of Dona Davos who sings in a style that reminds a bit of the good old ‘moldy peaches time’. I don’t know if you are familiar with this time or phase; but in my surroundings it’s a certain time in youth in which people go through accompanied by music that fits the specific feelings and moods… If that doesn’t make sense, than you have obvious not been there (yet) in any case this melancholic song and music by Dona Davos reminds me if that time..

Dona than comes with ‘I remember going out for ice cream’ which comes along with grand sounding piano work and a pretty song of remember able proportions. Its story comes across of a very personal kind, but it feels very relatable.

More prettiness is ‘silver springs’ in which the piano keys produce the sound of a happy falling water fall that is exciting and refreshing while Dona Davos gives it a symphonic intimacy by adding her warm voice to it like moonlight sparkles upon the water drops.

Then there is a playful ‘we don’t talk anymore’ which strangely sounds as if it’s a positive happening to my ears. Perhaps it is a relief to not talk anymore in some cases; in this case it certainly feels as if it is.

‘Ode to Simon’ is sounding like a track about a childhood friendship, a summit of soul-mates that remembers the happy time and wishing ‘Simon’ well in the continuation of the adult journey. It’s really wonderful really, very intimate and I guess a wonderful gift to Say thanks for the lovely time.

Last track is ‘untrustworthy’ and it made me think of the style of ‘personal Jesus’, it’s very fun while probably at the same being the darkest tune on the release. It cast a bit of doubt before the music leaves our ears and that gives a nice ‘open ending’ to the release. Hope to hear more of Dona Davos as this is quite lovely…

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