Lyndsie Aguire – Clair Obscur

Artist: Lyndsie Aguire
title: Clair Obscur
keywords: ambient, electronic, field recordings, melodic, piano
label: Time Relesed Sound
reviewer: Willem van O.

I was thinking of you, dear visitor of YIKIS. I thought about how much you would like to check out music that you would like. I guess it’s a matter of tastes, so we can’t please everyone; but the release done by Lyndsie Alguire is something that you are free to check out so you will be able to see if the music fits you and your delicate tastes. Checking the album notes makes me aware that Lyndsie Alguire is from Canada and that she is specialized in composing piano works and soundscapes, but this release on its own is rather different to my ears.

It first starts with Lyndsie Alguire’s ‘I was dreaming of you’ which gives way to a dreamy construction that for some reason makes me think of the beautiful shapes and sizes of winterish snowflakes. There are crisper sounds showing themselves in pure stereo, while a warm wooziness seems to be the headlining event that keeps the track warm and the flame in the fireplace burning. It’s a mysterious track but as it’s sounding so smooth, the music seems to fly-by like a pretty thought of a loved person while waiting in a house which had been blockaded by a huge pile of snow.

‘You used to look happy’ is underlining the sensible piano & soundscape skills that we learned about while reading upon Lyndsie Alguire, and it’s pretty wondrous. Melodically she puts a positive drama on to piano music and if you listen carefully with both ears you can hear a nice layer of ambiance going on. It’s a good combo, making me feel like I’m experiencing happiness and sadness at the same time; which is nice as that means feelings-wise you’ll be able to hang out somewhere in the middle.

The Twin Stones (lovechain) is up next and this work loses the drama by becoming a dreamy music escape that makes me feel like the souls of two butterflies are intertwining with each other while flapping their wings until historic new heights in their love life. Technically it’s a piano, a sniff of voice and electronic happenings that are of what I believe a romantic order.

The last track is to me the highlight. It’s this pretty lovable soundscape that builds a realm of calm excitement perfect for a yoga session, or for laying on the floor in an intimate way as it’s probably too nice to keep it all for yourself. This is also the reason that I’m writing this and you are reading this; a cycle of sharing and caring… Oh and love.. there is definitely a lot of love within this release:

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