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Nat Grant & Furchick – Scrap Yard Lingerie

Artist: Nat Grant & Furchick title: Scrap Yard Lingerie keywords: experimental, electronic, sound art, weird, Perth label: Dog Park Records Dog Park Records is a brand new label run by Furchick with a focus on delivering its listeners the … Continue reading

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Baswoom – Baswoom EP

Artist: Baswoom title: Baswoom EP keywords: soundtrack, instrumental, post-rock, Portugal reviewer: Willem van O. Baswoom had mailed us with the important news that there is a Baswoom EP out. It is called ‘Baswoom EP’ which is a title that makes … Continue reading

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Twink (Mr. Mike Langlie) interview

Hello there. My name is Graham and for the past few years I have been avidly reading YIKIS, so it’s a real thrill to start writing features for it. I am looking forward to sharing some wonderful music and musicians … Continue reading

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Black Mountain Thunder – Live 88.5

Artist: Black Mountain Thunder title: Live 88.5 format: CD-R keywords: stoner / doom metal, shoegaze, sludge, scream , post rock, label: Depressive Illusions Records Black Mountain Thunder’s Live 88.5is one release that has a very high replay value. For sound … Continue reading

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Artist: XNDL title: MMXIV keywords: breakcore, drum & bass, electronic, instrumental, hip-hop, raggacore, breakcore, elektro, idm, experimental, down tempo link: reviewer: Johan Nederpel This demo album sets of with one hell of a track. Azkes Malaikes is everything a listener would want from … Continue reading

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HuorrouH – Surfing To Jutlandia On A Toilet Seat

Artist: HuorrouH title: Surfing To Jutlandia On A Toilet Seat keywords: experimental, electronic, pop, surf, alternative, animation, music, Denmark Denmark: A place famous for its medieval core of cobblestone streets and half-timbered houses & legendary folklore, and it being the … Continue reading

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AG Davis – Bionicism

Artist: AG Davis title: Bionicism keywords: dub, electronic, experimental, industrial, modern, classical, musique concrete, United States label: Poverty Electronics Roaming Network is the exciting piece that will get you instantly hooked by total flabergasm. It’s one of the most … Continue reading

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A Peek Into The Future.

Hello dear reader, I’m KN. Welcome to the future… Ah, shit it’s already gone. Let’s try again; welcome in the future… Nope, it’s gone again. When the future is just one millisecond away, it’s basically impossible to be in the … Continue reading

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Matt Howell – Matt’s Happy Good Time Bible Hour

Artist: Matt Howell title: Matt’s Happy Good Time Bible Hour keywords: Christian, comedy, songs, experimental, odd reviewer: Otto ‘clueless’ Schnachtklubber Matt Howell is coming across as someone who actually reads the bible, there aren’t a lot of them around; and … Continue reading

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The Bordellos – Prime Minister! Remove Your Pork Sword From The Dead Pig’s Mouth!

Artist: The Bordellos title: Prime Minister! Remove Your Pork Sword From The Dead Pig’s Mouth! keywords: alternative, folk, punk, garage, pop, lo-fi,pig-gate,piggate,pigfuck, piggies, political, post-punk,protest song, psychedelic, St. Helens reviewer: peter Iglet You’ll open the piggate and before you know … Continue reading

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