Chimney Crow – Bucks Bike Ride Bride

Artist: Chimney Crow
title: Bucks Bike Ride Bride
keywords: Chimney Crow, video,
words by: Willem van O.

Chimney Crow Bucks Bike Ride Bride is one of those special music videos that give the watcher the first person experience. These kind of videos in which the viewer sees from the perspective of someone else, really creates a form of entertainment that blows minds. My personal mind had been laying low on the blows, so this music video by Chimney Crow was pretty much a needed one.

It’s not only that your eyes will see through another person’s eyes, it’s also the nightly people-less apocalyptic shopping environment that the video takes place in, the movements of the character that you project yourself in, the lighting and of course (not unimportant) the edgy music that adds up to the mind blow of going for this visual and audio happening.

And this one is sure worth the bike ride as Chimney Crow once again captures the humor of the healthy psychopath lifestyle in a glorious personal way. Drive like a psychopath hunter through the scenery of an abandoned street with eerie looking old fashion shopping windows until you find the beauty of your liking. The bride that haunts you in your sleep, the figure that is on ‘the one who’s eyes you borrow’ ‘s mind. Feel how it feels; feel the psycho thrill, the excitement of the bike ride, the moment that the other eyes finds what they had been searching for… The music… The bike… The write up… The video… The Chimney Crow…

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