Susan Matthews – SirenWire69

Artist: Susan Matthews
title: SirenWire69
keywords: ambient, classical, experimental, other, avant-garde, industrial, United Kingdom

The first track ‘Hegemony’ comes in like a thrilling piece in which a possessed typewriter types by itself to create a panicky disturbing horror story. This kind of audio story is quite unique; the story telling, the chapters and the thrilling end certainly speaks to the imagination; turning the sounds in a short exciting movie that goes in the ears to create a unforgettable disturbing scene in the visual parts of the brain.

Botanical Rite no.1′ brings the sound of a piano that drops like a muffled memory; slowly and politely in a soft Lo-fi layer of pleasant dust. The sounds of a pleasant noise switches it’s place and confirms that both sound entities are pretty much the sane, even though them being different.

With ‘Bruised Letter’ we can hear a bruised letter being spoken out loud through words filtered by warmth and nostalgia that makes me feel as if it’s the sound of a time long gone. When the cluttering sound of a children’s toy start to show up; I can’t shake off the feeling that this is a child’s memory translated into sound art.

Dysphoria is my personal favorite on this album; it goes for an abstract sound exploration that uses stereo effects to create an sound thrill experience that is difficult to grasp, but yet keeps the tension of something ‘happening’ up at great lengths.

Blister Lip Mutation’ is dipping in that pleasant realm of warm nostalgia of wandering memories. The lo-fi melancholic slightly muffled notes of a spaced out piano is one that makes me feel like I’m watching an box of old Polaroid’s of personal affairs that are dear to me.

Then there is the intimate sounding ‘Botanical Rite no.2 ‘ which combines seemingly a yin and yang of pleasantness and slight pain to convey its little story of sentiment. It’s as if you are listening to a welcoming exposed heart of kindness that sometimes gets pierced by a sharp blade to make sure it is still alive.

The ‘Black Plug’ track is a strange but interesting piece in which the artist declares the black plug as the only thing to feel safe and comfortable. The love and the hate are not coming through so intensively while being plugged in with a black plug. The words are spoken like a tranquilizer soothing twisted children rhyme while the music in itself sketches a sense of safety in a comfortable darkness.

Out of the protective darkness comes light and there is no better positivism than the piano piece brought here named ‘a perfect happiness’. It’s playful, melancholic, warm and friendly: It is love.

‘Grieving Naid’ takes up sadness, a grieving of some kind that seems to be holding its own shoulders to sing a song to hold on too. It’s pretty intensive emotionally…

The last ‘Botanical Rite No.3’ is a warm welcome to a reversed goodbye. Kindly diverting an end to this album in which I feel it’s all about emotions, memories, dark and bright, comfortable and some painful. This last rite sums up a whole lot of it and leaves with an open ending of rattling chains and a closing door of intimacy.

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