Madl Qurina – Don’t Make a Sound

Artist: Madl Qurina
title: Don’t Make a Sound
keywords: electronic, confusing, cute, electronic, experimental, Vancouver

If you go for this release you might experience the music gracefully swimming in like a full grown swan from the local mystery park. You might hear its Soft and calmness,  you might be aware of it slightly being confused as it follows the pleasant stream right into the pleasure receptors that are also known as ‘ears’. You might hear lo-fi waves that go from watery flow into another, bringing elegance and pleasantness wherever they go in a dreamy music way. You might hear this all, but you have to be quiet so not to destroy or miss out on the hidden elements within this atmosphere.

You might experience this as the place in which you might meet angelic sleepy melodies, greeting you like fairy tales in which a secretive voice kindly whispers a flattering form of cotton candy.  This might be an audio adventure in which you maybe meet the sound of punk synths played by cute looking fluffy ducks, or soft words hidden in the corners of the audio imagination… You might hear this all, but you have to listen… Without external sounds.. You will be rewarded..

You might hear beautiful lights, presumable from candles that float on the silent water in a pretty and beautiful spot surrounded by lovely friendly trees waving in the moonlight… You might hear footprints, or something from behind the bushes; the sound of a good and kind spirit wandering the sleepy woods… You might want to check it out at the link, but whatever you do; don’t make a sound:

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1 Response to Madl Qurina – Don’t Make a Sound

  1. Feminatronic says:

    Reblogged this on Feminatronic and commented:
    This is lovely in its strangeness with a darker underside. Can’t find anything else about Madl, unfortunately but so glad that Yeah I Know it Sucks found this.

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