Onmacht – s/t – 7″

Artist: Onmacht
title: s/t
format: 7”
keywords: punk, staathaat, uk, anarcho, crust, hardcore, metal, Brigthon
labels: Opiate Records, Tadpole Records, Toztizok Zoundz, Argh.fuck.kill & Darcy Trash Records

The long breath takes all my breath away, that’s how loud and proud the song is played. The band sounds like they are on fire, literally. The drums are played like they might be the potential source of this fire; it’s as if the drumsticks are replaced by gigantic matches throwing flames each times it hits the drum kit skin. The electric guitar is like a tough insane fireman who doesn’t really want to extinguish the fire but instead throws in more flammable tight riffs to burn the record down.
1Oh and then there is this voice, a manic one that feels like it’s hoping to be heard above the hot flames in order to escape the hot preview of burning in hell. In other words; it sounds like this band is having a good time and has the power to set your night on fire too, when you’ll be able to catch them at a steaming gig.

They will be playing the 26th In the OCCII in Amsterdam, and are still searching to bring their Pyromaniac hot music at the 25th and the 27th, so if you have a wedding, a birthday party, a family reunion, an unused shed, or another party that needs to burn down with force; you really should contact Toztizok to settle them with a gig in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany European zones..

In the meantime that you search for a party to destroy (for them to play on..) why not listen to ‘infernal peace’ it really brings the opposite atmosphere of inner peace and sensibility. It’s like the singer is now literally encouraging to set him and the band on fire; burn, fire burn’ is what I make up out of mishearing the lyrics.. And it makes sense; everything is short lived, rough and speedy as if the flames are now so high and hot that the band members have to stand on their toes to breathe the thick poisonous smoke to deliver the sound of unhealthy health hazards.

Fatherland & Victorian Winters’ is the last dramatic episode that goes on a hopeful rampage to bring you the appealing sound of tightness, crying pain, dramatic seizures..  A touchdown that makes me think of a marching military group in the flames and on the edge of an exciting depression. It’s the wildest and vilest tune on the release and also the longest; really pushing the band and it’s listeners over the edge. I’ll light a candle for them, in the meantime you can check this hot and pretty doomed seven inch out over here:

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