^ Chakra Time!

^ Chakra Time!

title: Energy-Go-Round
keywords: spiritual jazz, live performance, video
words by: Theo Stoter

Welcome spiritually open minded reader. If this is your first time being here; thank you for following your senses and arriving here. If it’s not the first time; thank you for returning, you are looking more enlightened than ever. I’m delighted to see us all here together.

^ delighted & enlighted to see that the universe brought us all together

^ delighted & enlighted to see that the universe brought us all together

Today within this post we will do things a little bit different. It’s the time that we reveal you a secret. This isn’t just a normal blog post on an ordinary blog; this is not a fragment of your or our imagination; this is a next level chakra point.

Didn’t you feel the energy between the letters that you read and your own chakra points when you arrived at this post? Don’t let anyone tell you it isn’t real, as it certainly is real.
Reality is what we are all about and to convince you that we are true, please join us in this communal exchange of energy:

Just hold your forehead one centimeter towards the letters that you are reading now… Nice and simple… Can you feel the brewing energy exchange between the words and your spiritual inner being? Do you feel the magnetic spiritual force field without your head actually touching the words? Do you feel as if there is something between your forehead and the letters?

^ from the letters written in this post their perspective their view must be a bit like this

^ from the letters written in this post their perspective view must be a bit like this

Hello, are you still there?

Ah, glad you moved back as with your forehead so close (and your chakras so wide open) it’s difficult to read what is typed here. Not that you have to read, as some information can be just felt; a feeling more powerful than words. Did you ever see those mime players in the park cleaning windows that you can’t see? That you cannot see these windows visually does not mean that these windows aren’t actually there: Mime players have an excellent reputation for being able to feel the energy from the chakras hidden in their hands. Practice and realization of your natural powers will result in great spiritual wisdom, and if you train yourself to the highest levels you might indeed become a new tea spoon bending Uri Geller.

^ next level spiritual friends will be able to bend this

^ next level spiritual friends will be able to bend this

Now enlightened and spiritually gifted friends, it’s time to do one more interactive activity that will test out our natural powers of the unseen world of chakra pressure. Don’t worry about your laughing friend (or friends) , I assure you this is all a reality…

Please put your left hand in front of your forehead, turn the longest finger available on your hand towards your spinal gland. Don’t let it touch it, just keep a space of around 5 millimeter in between. Now keep doing this while you move your other hand down the back of your spine towards your ass cheeks. Do not touch it, but hold your right hand around 5 millimeter from your anus chakra. In this position please lift one of your legs up (if available) to click play on the following video.

Hold on to this position until RAVEN WOLF C. FELTON JENNINGS II uploaded your chakra points with more spiritual knowledge you had ever dreamed off, and only let go when the artist starts to play his wonderful relieving and relaxing music. Can you feel the energy? Can you feel the enlightenment? Can you hear the good spiritual vibes? Can you feel your chakras responding in a positive matter? This is all real and a reality & it’s wonderful.

for more spiritual jazz and healing sounds you can befriend LOUIS RAVEN WOLF. C. FELTON on facebook.
check out his account on Reverbnation.
or (probably the best option) go to Pug Dog Records to explore more info, and most importantly support him by checking out his albums
Thank you for your attention and your time.

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  1. Caffeinate says:

    This was strangely relaxing.

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