SIKSA – Modelka

1Artist: SIKSA
title: Modelka
cat: FNR152
format: Floppy Diskette
keywords: punk, hardcore, rac, oi, other
label: FLoppy Noise Records

SIKSA is to me the discovery of the year; the music of this dynamic duo and the way how they deliver it is not for nothing talk of the town, discussed in newspapers and online forums. They are definitely at best when alive and live in front of a supportive or less supportive group of audience members. I mention this as a little YouTube browsing will bring up live videos in which they are received warm and respectful, and at other times people don’t seem to understand what the hell is going on; either vibe seems to trigger them to go on, fueling their flames of music punk hysteria and rubs it (either if you love it or not) neatly into the faces that are available. It’s clear that SIKSA is on a mission and delivers their message music in a fearless and non-compromising way.

One of the songs that can be heard performed live is ‘MODELKA’, and it contains definitely the most memorable part of the songs that I had heard when obsessively browsing them out. There is something to it, something in how the words are pronounced in combination with the wobbly bass that is provocative like a cat that hisses and shows its paw with its claws out; it’s like you don’t want to mess with these sharp looking nails, but at the same time it’s cute and somewhere in your mind you want to hear it purr.
And if you transform this image of a purring wild cat into an infectious wicked punk performance you might get some kind of brilliant combination that is sounding invitingly fun, and yet might scratch your eyes out. Which on its own even more reason to be thrilled about SIKSA!

^ If SIKSA wasnt made up out of two humans, this might have been them..

^ If SIKSA wasnt made up out of two humans, this might have been them..

MODELKA is the perfect choice for a single, and (thank Goth!) thanks to the floppy diskette record-label ‘Floppy Noise’ it had turned into one. Don’t be afraid that SIKSA had cleaned it up, took it to a sleazy recording studio to bring a hygienic clinical version that lost its power; as the duo had released it in the best sounding shape ever: live recorded by Michal Kowalski at the OdNowa club, Torun, in Poland. It’s perfect in a sense that this single contains the raw energy that this duo has, and makes it easily available to play and hype you up whenever you need it. If you have ever seen them playing this song live, you will automatically remember their fanatic, almost provoking attitude that pops up when they deliver it & let me tell you; it’s pretty much empowering!

^ the back of this must have floppy!

^ the back of this must have floppy!

SIKSA and their attitude is something you don’t come across every day,
and I’m struggling to find artists that are doing similar things at this moment in time that infectious rebellion is so well needed, so let’s pay attention, show them some respect, and get their pretty much awesome sounding (and looking!) twink punk single from the following link, so it can kick your ass whenever you need it:

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