Donna Donka – Crazy Kids

Artist: Donna Donka
title: Crazy Kids
format: CD / digital
keywords: crazy, experimental, kids, pop, rap, urban pop, ballad, indie pop, Hutington
reviewer: Simon Hit

There is something with people (and even dogs!) that are named Donna, they always seem to be made for the spotlight, or at least something that gets people talking about them. They are everywhere, covering all kinds of occupations and walks of life and yet these Donna’s always manage to stand out in whatever the activities are that they are active in. I guess it comes from living up to the strong name, it just keeps on pushing the inner Donna outwards to simply get noticed for their qualities and skills in life. Donna Summer, Donna Trump, Donna the dog, Ma Donna, Mara Donna, Donna Duck are just a few examples of Donna’s that might ring your bell to get my point across.

So what if I tell you that there is another Donna still being shimmering in a cloud of undeserved unanimity? This ladies and gentlemen is ‘Donna Donka’, might this name from now on be engraved in your skull with all the other legendary Donna’s. There isn’t a lot of (reliable) information out there on Donna Donka but if we would reluctantly believe the written information on Donna Donka’s bandcamp account Donna is a mother of two kids (and expecting or perhaps already conceived three more!) and has a lovely wife named Kevin. Having a large family like Donna Donka is probably very time-consuming which might explain why Donna not automatically gets the Donna recognition that Donna Donka deserves, but who knows; maybe today things change?

^ you are looking at the artwork of ‘Crazy Kids’ available on CD and as a digital download

The thing with Donna Donka is Donna’s music, but especially Donna Donka’s singing capabilities, unique voice and of course the lyrical content , ant the actual delivery of the songs.  Donna Donka stands on its own, incomparable to any other Donna in the music business as Donna Donka chose to deliver the songs in a homely made style, with background music that is literally in the back in a Lo-fi way, giving it a touchy demo versus karaoke-at-home-feel. It can go in all kinds of ways; from piano ballads, electronic dance to whatever Donna Donka needs to get the Diva like songs across. Donna’s voice will break the walls of the music business like a wrecking ball:

Donna Donka’s voice is simply standing strong in its own zone, and it might be that the big outside world of music lovers might not yet be ready for the talents of Donna Donka’s vocal delivery; but when you hear Donna’s version of Whitney Houston’s ‘I will always love you’ you know that Whitney herself will be smiling with approval from the heavens above…

Hear Donna Donka’s voice, hear that sound! Donna got the hit factor, the strength; It’s only a matter of time you will hear Donna’s awesome voice roar all over the radio! And you know what, Donna can perform too! (do i see music scouts having dollar signs as eyes?)

This is a talent, raw like a pearl waiting for the time to shine on prime time television spots conquering the hearts of respectful classy music lovers with a redefined taste and a drastic need for a new voice on the market: Donna Donka. Donna Donka’s ‘Crazy Kids’ might just be the show case that Donna Donka needs to get signed and becomes a major household Donna pop diva superstar:

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