Jupiter After Death Samples (Part Deux) + KILL X Guitar Riffs Quiz!

Like the planet Jupiter, what I'm about to share with you here is HUGE! And... oh, I'm sure there are other ways in which what I'm about to say could be likened to Jupiter... maybe, it's like... inside our galaxy? That's about the best I can come up with.

Pictured: Jupiter, before death.

Artist: Jupiter AD
Title: Samples
Label: None
Cat#: N/A
Keywords: Industrial Rock, Electronic Dance, Goth Rock
Reviewer: Alex Spalding

As a few of you may remember, awhile back I talked a bit about something from the past: a band called Jupiter After Death that formed briefly after another band called Uranium 235 disbanded and, well… there’s a lot more to the story, and I wrote at length about it in that other review <- so if you missed it, here’s a link!

Well, this is like an official update on all of that! A lot has transpired! I’m excited to talk about it all! So excited that I’m over-using exclamation points… !

First thing, in case some of our readers are not facebook friends with me and/or don’t read comments very often on YIKIS, there was a musician by the name of KILL X who found the review I’d written and was cool enough to dig up his surviving copies of the original samples I’d once had around but had thought forever lost… then he shared them in a rare feat of awesomeness!

I immediately created an archive for them…

… and as you can tell from the series of dots, the story does not end there. Very recently, I received in my inbox several more Jupiter After Death samples from KILL X, none of which I had ever heard. Needless to say, that was very unexpected and rad!

So, I’ve just added them to the archive:


Some are simply alternate takes of what was already on there, but a couple others were completely new to my ears.

What’s more… speaking with KILL X, there has been some talk that somewhere, out there, there must have been CDs made. That they were pressed, and someone out there in the world has one, seems highly likely. At one point, the CD was available for pre-order through their site, and for some people, the copies just never arrived. Our hope, though… is that someone who may possess one will find these articles and share them with us. Maybe someone who was more connected to the artists, like close friends, associates, family possibly, or members of the U235 / JAD street team… maybe someone who happened to be at the right place at the right time… maybe someone who found them in a warehouse… maybe a studio technician who was there for the sessions. I’m holding out hope.

What we’ve got so far here is all way beyond what I’d ever imagined would come about when I originally sat down and wrote about this band and these music samples that felt like distant memories to me, anyway… so even if a disc never surfaced, I’d have to be happy. But… we’ve gotta find a disc, somehow! 😀

Since he’s been so super nice, I figured I’d help spread this around, too. If anyone wants to test their knowledge of guitar riffs, here’s a video of KILL X performing several as part of a quiz:

Good luck! I think I only recognized maybe 2 or 3 of them. 🙂

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