Alien Pop Band – Strange Public

1Artist: Alien Pop Band
title: Strange Public
keywords: alien pop band music, video
words by: a stranger

Glad you are back to join in with the strange public. From here I can see you fit right in. Your left eye is inside the socket of the place that the right eye should have been, and the right eye hangs out in the left eye socket. If that’s not strange, than what else is? Your nose holes seemed to have swapped places too, and if you don’t mind me expecting it closely; you’ve got quite a bush of nose hair growing out.

Don’t be ashamed or shy; you fit right in with all the rest of the strange public. Might I just say that seeing you with your left arm at the place that should have been reserved for the right arm, and your right arm on the spot that normal people would have their left arms; didn’t even occur so strange to me? The strangest part must be just you being here once again to join the strange public consisting of you, me and some lost internet surfers surfing the internet waves for exciting strange new things.
In all words, strange as it may sound; I welcome you in a polite way dear stranger.

Today we are gathered to enjoy a little off time from our strange brains & seek entertainment from another familiar stranger. Please sit back and hear & watch ‘Alien Pop Band’ doing a nice tune for the gathering of the strange public that you are most definitely a part off.

When I heard it through my glass bowl of the future I thought it gave me a similar feeling as that Aphex twin video with
Those dancing teletubby bears with the producer’s strange face stuck on to them. It’s nothing like it, but strangely it did trigger this strange collective MTV moment. I also looked at your strange face through the glass bowl of the future and guess what; it will look exactly as strange in the near future as it is looking now.

The following entertaining video by Alien Pop Band will keep you just the way you are, and trust me from over here you are looking strangely beautiful and attractive today. Compliments are on the house and so is the following screening of ‘Strange Public’, please enjoy:

If you like to hear more from where this had come from,
please do get yourself some Alien Pop Band tunes from the following link
and/or befriend Alien Pop Band on facebook

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