Five golden voices you should know about.

8The voices are everywhere.
In our heads and outside our heads, and sometimes outside voices are welcomed inside our heads. Some you love and some you don’t, but this selection of wonderful people *with amazing voices* you certainly will adore and cherish. Each and every artist that is featured here has the wonderful capability to turn a situation into one that generates a smile, bringing a good vibe that we all so need and want.

This list of five amazing singers with the gift and the blessing of having a ‘golden voice’ are certainly loved among our office, and we really think the whole world should know about them and their unique sounds. We love them all, as all have brought great joy in our lives, and this is our way of ‘thank you’ and spreading the word. Please check their links and be entertained, amazed and overruled by talent & be sure to support them any way you can: send them your love!

Gnesa launched her music career with one hit named ‘wilder’ and once you heard it you simply can’t stop but hear it again and again & again.
In this way of simply playing this song over and over again you hardly notice your cravings to hear new material from this fine vocal artist. Unfortunately after the success of ‘Wilder’ we are still waiting for a follow up which just might never come. Luckily this song is the kind of material that simply never seems to bore & above all; always seem to cheer a party up to the fullest!

Harry Merry
Harry Merry is a phenomenal artist in his own kind. He is not only a singer and songwriter, but also plays and composes his own music preferably on a keyboard. His sound has something that is sounding pretty complex, delivering songs that feels like they are coming from city life from the old days integrated with a love for the retro future. There is only one Harry Merry in the entire world, so that’s pretty much sums it up.

Mark Williams
Mark Williams is the number one in our book of fabulous singer/songwriters, from the moment he had send us a review request for his first album we all had fallen in love, but did not really doing well in expressing it in words. He unfortunately had deleted this debut album which still is a real shame as it was utterly brilliant. There is no shame to let you know that we at YIKS are quite obsessed with the music of ‘Mark Williams’ and almost talk about it on a daily basis; he is simply the artist that inspired us the most. Thanks to him we even dedicated a whole weekend to music making artists named Mark. He is one artist whose music you have to hear before you die, as we all agree that Mark Williams is simply the best! All music releases and artists are null and void compared to the talent of our inspiring music icon. So better give him your ears and send some love and support.

He is very popular and that makes it almost uncool of us to give the artist still more attention, but even though we are not entirely sure if he is a comedian, or just cashing in on his successful delivery of unique singing; there is still a nice amount of respect for this artist. He came out of nowhere singing and dancing next to this large breasted lady and from there his prolific music career had simply exploded. Still his first song and video remains largely the best compared to his more recent work. I guess money does change things.

Donna Donka
6Our latest discovery is a glorious and fabulous one. Donna Donka is a loving mother with kids and has a lovely husband named Kevin, but forget all that as above all Donna Donka is the voice that is able to reach the highest notes and the clearest sounds. Listening to Donna singing is lots of fun and lucky for us there are quite a few albums available that might tingle your ears with this voice of pure angelic delight. Donna Donka does self-written songs, but also (and most notably) a lot of amazing covers that will leave the originals behind in a bleak comparison. Donna Donka is the new Whitney Houston!

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