Lady Noise – Lady Noise

Artist: Lady Noise
title: Lady Noise
keywords: experimental, avant-garde,electronic, future,
reviewer: Willem van O.

Space the final frontier, a place that bold men go in their expensive spaceships, to explore places that no male had gone before.

The famous Startrek introduction in which Captain Kirk makes sure you know that we are dealing with a man exploring space, and not so much a woman or ‘humans’ always bothered me. To boldly go where no human had gone before’ could have delivered the message quite fine.

So to take revenge of this traumatic statement on this television show we will go today to a space that females go and explore, and not only that (eat that Captain Kirk!) this space is entirely shaped and created by ladies!

Kelly Coats uses her vocals, plays the flute and provides the effects. Kathleen Kim plays the violin and Sandy Yang the guitar. Last but certainly not the least lady-like is Gabie Strong who plays the bass, synthesizer & effects.

The results of these four ladies are quite phenomenal, creating not only a space that is unexplored and previously unavailable to bold men, but is also deliciously good and different. It’s different in a way that the noise ladies have outdone their music and sound collaboration in experimentation to create something quite unheard off. It’s perhaps made out of interactive improvisation between these individuals, but somehow they remarkably hit legit beauties while they intertwining their musical capabilities. It’s definitely noisy and noisier than you probably would expect when reading the instruments involved, but the ‘noise’ out stands in bringing organic melodic sounding highlights in their mutual exploration. Might I mention that this noise is of a friendly kind?

After creating the entire new space the ladies of noise go for a creation named ‘desertscape’ , which seems to be more calm and subtle compared to the large lady universe of the previous work. It shimmers nicely away like a dream with a soothing drone swimming underneath it. It neatly slides into ‘escape velocity’ which seems to defy gravity by creating a wide space between the instruments and the noises they perform. As a explorer I feel as if I’m stuck on a spider-web of strings in which all the strings are moving in and outwards; creating a feeling of being weightless  without completely being cut loose: Bouncing away on the lucid sounding exploration that slightly slips into something more vague and bizarre. Its effect is pretty surreal and hearing it makes me sad, as the band of ‘Ladies Noise’ is no longer.

Lucky the sad thought of no new Lady Noise albums is soon forgotten when listening to the very pretty and well balanced sounding ‘reflective clouds’, which is a composition that is absolutely worth its name. It’s beautiful, nostalgic, and full of inner reflections and strange memories of calm sunshine days. Maybe if the members of Lady Noise listen to this track themselves they will team back up again to make more wonderful ‘lady noise’. Humans and other species are very welcome to explore this pretty release over at the following link; (you don’t even need to be bold to enjoy it!)

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