Spice Burguer – The burguers HITS

Artist: Spice Burguer
title: The burguers HITS

keywords: pop, electro, spicy, disco, diva, electronic pop burguer dance dreak electronica freak friki pop spice summer song Valencia
website: http://www.spiceburguer.tk/

Now that the spice girls had faded away into obscurity, a new spicy pop group from Valencia had been making a name for themselves on YouTube with their own theme tune. Of course you have heard of these princesses of pop group before, but just as a reminder here are ‘Spice Burguer’ with their massive hit ‘The Burguer Song:

Their above hit song (quite possibly about breast hanging down their waste) was just one of their many pop songs featured on their number one hit album ‘The burguers HITS’, which is an album with 13 instant classics! Perfect for disco dancing, pop allure and rather catchy hooks! This album from 2011 is a real recommended party, featuring Ugly Spice, Spice Grasus, Cabri Spice y Arrg Spice in all its might and glory!

It happens that the members of Spice Burguer aren’t lazy, and neither having a lack of catchy songs and melodies. In fact after a bit of research you might find out that they have quite a few other poppy hit singles lurking around. Let’s take a quick look shall we?

A great single by one of the unique underground princesses of pop named Sonia de ARRG is shimmering on the internet, waiting for you (and playlist makers at radio stations) to be picked up and be played. This one comes in two versions; one that has a slightly trance vibe molded in the pop format, and the other had left the trance sound out of it. Personally I would play the second version as that ‘trance’ sound might eventually turn into something that is a bit dated, but if you do like that trance like sound; you’ll probably have the opposite as an opinion.

But let’s talk a bit about the best and important part of the single; the voice and the song. At first hearing you might automatically think that it isn’t the best pop voice that you had heard, but don’t let this fool you as when you do listen to the single in its complete form you’ll notice that the voice and song is a perfect combo. I believe the voice has something good in it being imperfect, giving it a human feel that will speak to the masses in a real and recognizable way. Also the pop construction of the song is superb as believe it or not; by just a single listen to this single, the song might be instantly stuck in your head. This is in my opinion a trademark that any successful pop song should have, and even though the song is done in a language in unfamiliar with; it certainly gets the job of catchiness done.


Also coming from super pop group Spice Burguer is the solo single done by Sonia Maremágnum, who brings a different voice and style to the set. The song sounds carefree, the music happy and smiley and the voice quite light and fun. This might be a song that would do well in the summer time, a bit of a short happy go lucky moment named ‘Super V’. (a recent google translate session came up with the info that this song is an ode to her breasts!)
The single also comes in two different versions; the first version sounds more made for the radio and the other version more for wherever. The electronic music is a bit more upfront while the song itself seems to nestle great in the recognition sectors of the brain. Even though not being able to translate what the song is about I can’t help to pick up the word ‘silicone’ which probably is already a reason enough to click ‘like’ and push it into a foreign hot hit parade!

There is more! The single comes with an extra track, which feels like a serious B-side. The pop princess gives the song a childish innocence while the electronic music shows a cool flair, giving me the feeling that if there was a video clip for this song it would feature the pop singer on the beach with cooling shadows of high rising palm trees.

You can hear and watch this song performed live on stage in a club,
Do so and you will be reasonable impressed with the singer her guts and how she professionally deals with a drunk fan. It’s pretty much good fun as she definiately proofs to be the dancing queen of the night!

But wait… wait… there is more! as Spice Burguer has another amazing double single out and about.
This one named ‘Ven Bombero & BadooVadiva’ really brings the fun back into the diva stardom. You can expect classy electronic beats, soothing electronic music ready to rock the disco and voices that deliver both songs in an effective playful way.

Ven Bombero is lighter, a cute party anthem while BadoovaDiva sounds more punchy; perhaps something for a little bit later on the night.

For more information, joining their fan club and other things you could do in your spare time, please visit Spice Burguer’s official online websites:
oh and they are on twitter too!

before I leave you fairly impressed with all these singles and hot music anthems..
There is only one way to properly end this post… another official video for their hit song The Burguer Song! Enjoy the good vibes!


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