Vomir – Live at Optimus Prime II

Artist: Vomir
title: Live at Optimus Prime II
keywords: HNW, live performance, the best, video
words by: Simon Hit

People who play live music will always give new and upcoming artists advice how to do a live show. They will tell laptop musicians to be more active, to dress up, and to dance, to play a keyboard or do something visually attractive. They will tell rockers to move around on stage, slamming guitars on the floor and pull idiotic faces. They warn the young musicians not to copy the stage antics of GG Allin or Kraftwerk too much, but tell them to be visual pleasing with their own gimmick or charismatic dance.

But you know what? To hell with those nice advises by these people who seemingly know best how to do a live performance; they don’t know what they are talking about. As a matter of fact; they will probably not recognize a good live performance when it’s performed live in front of their nosy faces.

Well ladies and gentlemen for all who is interested in seeing how it is done; we will embed one video that all our specialists and audio professors are agreeing with that it contains THE BEST LIVE PERFORMANCE –EVER-…
Do not think it’s a video of a dancing and singing Madonna with a huge video backdrop and a hydraulic stage, do not think its Katy Perry singing on a rocket with fireworks exploding… It’s nothing like it! And it might just probably change your world!
As surprise, surprise;
The best live performance EVER,
is done by the HNW icon named Vomir. (Romain Perrot)

Warning: knowing of the existence of the perfect live performance will make all other live performance redundant, it might even be such an eye opener to young artists that they will give up performing live music all together.

Now that we have all the appropriate warnings out of the way,
here is the best live performance ever captured on video,
watch and learn from the master:

To give thanks and praises to Vomir please check the official Vomir website:
or keep in touch / like the hero on facebook
or check out his music on the following bandcamp accounts:

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2 Responses to Vomir – Live at Optimus Prime II

  1. Mark Zweck says:

    It finally happened: performance art just had it’s own ass handed back to it!

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