BUG – sediment

artist: BUG
title: sediment
format: CD / digital
keywords: experimental, industrial, noise, uplifting, beats, drone, ambient,
label: Attenuation Circuit http://www.attenuationcircuit.de/

Are you ready to fly? To lift off? To engage in an upwards moment just by fueling your senses up by engaging music? What about if I tell you to catch this ‘Bug’? As this live recording of Bug really gets you up and going!

First of all the ingredients of Bug are formidable! Massive explosive drumming that on its own is already a clear and lean element of pure raw energy to lift yourself from the ground with. These tight massive thick explosive hard drummer grooves are getting the perfect match by a organ that is mentally squeezed, loaded and delightfully screwed by distortion and other effects! The melodic & sound progression within this result are a noisy, raw engaging energetic mass that really feels stronger than the thrilling sound of an airplane engine in full speed to get the whole flying coffin high up in the sky!

The organ really gets severely treated to sound nothing like an organ; literally distorted to be reborn as a industrial noise machine that beeps and freaks out the perfect melange of raw rustic machine-like thickness!

Of course you might want to chill out half way on your flight too, but even that is covered by this physically and mentally engaging listening experience. You don’t have to think of ambient music, but industrial ambience might come to mind once and a while; morphing the raw screwed up organ sound into a loud excess of wild bombastic cleanness with sharp sides. The oscillators are tormented in a way that even just a calm tone is sounding wild and exciting, making the choice of chilling out on this music by bug one of the more exciting things you could do ‘chill out wise’!

I can’t describe it other than that this release by Bug is so loaded with a bold load of intelligent sounding raw & well aimed energy that you (as a listener) could see it as if you are an empty re-chargeable battery being recharged by wild and tight percussive drums and massive sounds never heard coming out of an organ before! Dance, chill, freak out but whatever you do; you’ll energetically fly like you’ve never enjoyed a real flight before! Really a thrilling release and a great way to go up, and up until you can’t go no further! Might I recommend this album at the following link:

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